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How Flare's GitHub integration works under the hood

Original – by Freek Van der Herten – 1 minute read

Last week, my colleague Ruben and I launched a major new feature at Flare: there's a new integration with GitHub that makes it possible to:

  • create a GitHub issue directly on a Flare error
  • associate a GitHub issue with a Flare error by mentioning a Flare URL in the GitHub issue
  • automatically resolve an error on Flare when you close the GitHub issue
  • automatically close a GitHub issue when you resolve an error in Flare

In this stream, Ruben and I will show you how you can use this integration and how it works under the hood.

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Data Transfer Object v3 has been released

Original – by Brent Roose and Freek Van der Herten – 4 minute read

We've released a new major version of spatie/data-transfer-object. This package makes it easy to create objects that have a certain shape. Properties can even be validated.

In this post I'd like to tell you more the package.

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Handling console signals in Laravel

Original – by Freek Van der Herten – 7 minute read

When you cancel a long-running artisan command with Ctrl+C, a SIGINT signal is sent by the operating system to the PHP process. You can use this signal to perform some cleanup quickly.

Symfony 5.2 introduced support for handling signals in commands.

We've released a package called spatie/laravel-signal-aware-commands that provides a substantial improvement to how you can use these signals in a Laravel app. In this blog post, I'd like to tell you all about it.

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Why and how you should remove inactive users and teams

Original – by Freek Van der Herten – 8 minute read

There are many SaaS applications that allow potential new customers to try out the service using a trial period. Of course, not everybody will convert. After the trial period is over, some people will not use the service anymore.However, if nothing is being done about it, their email address and…

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Mailcoach v4 has been released: drip campaigns, automations, mail templates and much more

Original – by Freek Van der Herten – 4 minute read

I'm proud to announce that Mailcoach v4 has been released. Mailcoach already was a great solution to send out bulk emails affordably. With an entirely refreshed UI and new capabilities, Mailcoach now becomes a more powerful platform for all things email:

We've also rewritten our extensive documentation.

In this blog post, I'd like to give you a tour of everything Mailcoach can do.

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Building a Laravel package from scratch

Original – by Freek Van der Herten – 1 minute read

In this streaming session, you can see me build up the package from scratch.You can find the code seen in the stream in the spatie/laravel-remote repo on GitHub.If you want to learn how to build PHP and Laravel packages, consider purchasing our Laravel Package Training video course.

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Introducing monthly playlists from team Spatie

Original – by Freek Van der Herten – 2 minute read

At Spatie, each one of our team members loves music. Scattered across our office are a couple of HomePods. Everyone in our team is free to stream his favourite music for others to hear (of course at an acceptable volume so everyone can still work).

This is a great way to discover music. In my mind, any automated algorithm that picks music for you is trumped what your friends and peers suggest to you.

Because of the pandemic, this way of sharing music with each other was lost. That's why our team will from now on create monthly playlists. The process is easy: every month we will choose a theme for the playlist and each team member picks two or three tracks.

The first theme is "Late Night Something" (it's not "late night coding" because not everyone on our team codes.


Here's our playlist on Apple Music. And here is the same playlist on Spotify.

Here's at the Spotify embed so you can listen from your browser too.

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Debug apps running on remote servers using Ray

Original – by Freek Van der Herten – 1 minute read

Earlier this year, we released Ray, a desktop app that allows you to debug faster. Instead of dumping values to the browser or console, Ray allows you to display debugging information beautifully in a dedicated window.

Since launch, Ray helps you debug local projects. Today, we're adding the most requested feature to Ray: the ability to connect to remote servers. All output of the ray() call, will be sent securely from your remote server to the local app via SSH.

Using this feature, you can quickly investigate problems on your production servers that you are unable to recreate locally.

In this short video you'll see a quick demo!

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