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Extensible Blade Components

Link – tighten.com - submitted by Jamison Valenta

In this post, Marcus explains the fundamentals of Blade components. A great introduction or review, this post walks you through the process of creating an extensible button component that contains the code common between button types, with additional interactivity powered by Alpine.

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Consume less, create more

Link – blog.tjcx.me

"Were previous generations really better off because they merely watched TV, or listened to radio, or read books? All of these activities are passive. All of these activities involve letting external thoughts temporarily replace your own. Today’s smartphones differ from medieval books only in degree—all media is created to be consumed. I had to start creating."

So much this!

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Learn how to write readable PHP that is a joy to maintain

Original – by Freek Van der Herten – 8 minute read

I'm proud to announce that our new premium course on writing readable PHP is now available. It's called Writing Readable PHP.

This course contains a collection of bite-size tips (both in written form and videos) that make your code a joy to read for your co-workers and future self. These tips are aimed towards developers who know the basics of PHP and want to improve their craft. As a bonus, you'll learn to use static analysis to ensure that your code is understandable and correct.

Writing Readable PHP has been created by our team and Christoph Rumpel. It contains our combined knowledge on how to write the best PHP possible.

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PHP isn't dead

Link –

Last month, The Laravel Documentary was released which showed the history behind Laravel. For the documentary a lot of people that are active in the Laravel community were interviewed.

From the footage that did not make into the documentary, the makers behind the documentary distilled a cool new short movie about PHP.

I'm honoured the some of my interview snippets made the cut. 😎

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