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Using Laravel Resource Collections with Exports - submitted by Chris Rhymes

In this example we are going to create an export of User information into Excel using Laravel Resource Collection and Spatie’s simple excel package. Laravel Resources are normally used to transform your data for use in an API, but you can also create an array from the resource for use in our export.


Introducing Inertia.js Tables: a DataTables-like package for Laravel Query Builder - submitted by Pascal Baljet

A DataTables-like package for Inertia, Laravel, and Vue that comes with Tailwind-styled components. You can search through your data, both globally and per attribute. There's support for pagination, sorting, column toggling, and you can predefine filters. Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly with Spatie's Laravel Query Builder.


Manual auth in Laravel: password confirmation - submitted by Jeroen van Rensen

With the arrival of Laravel 8, new ways for authentication have been added to the Laravel ecosystem. Fortify, Jetstream and Breeze. Although these tools can save you a lot of time, often when you want something more complex they cost you more time. Fortunately, Laravel allows you to add manual auth without the use of any package, just Laravel's core. In this series, we're going to learn how to add manual auth in Laravel.


Franklin: an international address input - submitted by Chris

We're building Franklin as an open source international address input made for the modern web. It comes in two flavors—React and standalone. Just drop it in wherever your users enter mailing addresses to get well-formed data for any country. Franklin is still in an early stage of development, but we'd love feedback and testing from developers around the world (especially if you live outside of the United States).


Proof of Concept: Load any route into a modal with Inertia.js using Laravel and Vue.js - submitted by Pascal Baljet

Imagine a form to create a new product. Amongst the name, description, and price, you can also attach a category to it. But what if you want to attach a category that doesn't exist yet? We have a dedicated route and component to create new categories, but wouldn't it be great if you could re-use that functionality while the user stays on the product creation page?