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How to setup a real fast local Laravel development environment for Windows with pretty URLs (without Docker) - submitted by Zacharias Creutznacher

We at Laracraft tried a lot of Windows based local Laravel development environments, but we where not happy with the performance and usability of the known environments like: php artisan serve, Vagrant/Homestead, Laravel Sail, Laragon etc. These tools are for sure very good, if you maybe setup a new Laravel project, which has not jet very complex operations and requests and you only work with a small database. But if you need more performance for you heavy requests, these tools are not sufficient.


Workbench App for Packages - submitted by Tony Messias

A new package by Mior called Workbench lets us set up an example Laravel app inside our packages. This Workbench app can serve as documentation of how the package integrates with a Larave app. Plus, we can use the Workbench models, controllers, routes, etc., in our package's tests and quickly run the Workbench app in the browser!