I love both listening to and creating music. On this page you'll find some music that I made.

Tax Shelter

Together with my buddy Thomas, we make music using analog synths. We've already finished a load of tracks and are slowly putting them out. They're mostly instrumental, made for adventurous listeners who love exploring new sounds.


Every now and then I take some time to record some music of my own under my artist name Kobus. If you like indietronica, you'll probably like this.


Topologies is my currently active band. We converted our rehearsal room to a recording space, and are usually crafting songs without the aim of ever performing them live. Expect songs with wild structures, and a wide range of instruments and electronics.


jarenduren was an Antwerp band, in which I mainly played guitars. Our music was heavily influenced by krautrock bands like Neu, Can, My Disco, Harmonia...