Freek Van der Herten speaking at Laracon EU 2018

I live in Ghent, Belgium and am passionate about PHP. I'm a Laravel enthusiast and have used the framework for many projects.  Follow me on Twitter to know what keeps me busy. Want to know which IDE, apps and hardware I use? Here you go!

I'm a developer at Spatie of which I'm the co-owner. At my company we use a lot of open source software: PHP, Ubuntu, Laravel, Composer, Yarn,… are a few of the things we use everyday. My company couldn't exist without open source software. That's why we're trying to give back as much as possible.

Whenever we stumble upon a problem that we can solve in a clean way, we extract our solution so other developers can use it. Together with my colleagues I regularly release PHP, Laravel and JavaScript packages. Those packages have been downloaded more than 35 million times.

Side projects

Outside of Spatie, my friend Mattias and I are running a Saas named Oh Dear! Our service can notify you via Mail, Slack,... when your site is down, when it contains broken links, when it finds mixed content, ... It aims to be very easy to use, we have great developer docs and APIs. Try it out!

Together with my buddy Dries I organise the Full Stack Europe conference. We'll offer talks for developers who want to learn across a wide variety of skills. For more info head over to our website.