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Understanding Laravel’s SerializesModels trait - submitted by ryancco

A few months ago a conversation around queued jobs hammering a database came up due to Laravel’s SerializesModels trait. While aware of the issue, I wasn't sure of the specifics. Digging deeper, I was extremely surprised by how relations are handled. Here are the findings and a few workarounds when queueing relations.


Crawler Tests - submitted by Peter

Test if your crawler handles various cases such as broken meta redirects, foreign chars in the URLs, etc. pp. correctly. Crawl this website to see if you crawler does well.


Using Laravel Resource Collections with Exports - submitted by Chris Rhymes

In this example we are going to create an export of User information into Excel using Laravel Resource Collection and Spatie’s simple excel package. Laravel Resources are normally used to transform your data for use in an API, but you can also create an array from the resource for use in our export.