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Events in Laravel - submitted by Mark van Eijk

Out of the box Laravel has a wide variety of events that are fired inside your application by default. These events can help you with hooking into functionality and listen for when things are happening. This makes Laravel easily extensible without much effort.


Best Practices for Using PHP Enumerations - submitted by Jeff

Although PHP Enumerations are meant to provide an easy and elegant solution to work with a predefined set of values, these classes are often misused, resulting in a lack of consistency due to the introduction of all sorts of methods that increase their complexity. In this article, we are going to go through some practices (both good and bad) with the goal of clarifying the understanding of these types of objects to help you build a more resilient and consistent codebase.


My very first Package: cash-converter - submitted by Bert De Swaef

Yes! I created my very first package. In this video, we'll go over installing and using it. With this package, you can get all conversion rates based on a certain currency or get a direct conversion rate between 2 currencies. There is also a function that takes in a certain value that needs to be converted. For example 150 euros to dollars. You can find the package here: Be sure to give it a star. :-)