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One way to work with money in PHP/Laravel

– - submitted by Barbora Juhasova

Has it ever happened to you that clients were dissatisfied, demanding to know why buying two products priced 149.99€ + 159.99€ was asking their clients to pay 309.99€ instead of 309.98€? We know something about that; that’s why we published our new blog post by our Senior developer Kika. Enjoy!


Extensible Blade Components

– - submitted by Jamison Valenta

In this post, Marcus explains the fundamentals of Blade components. A great introduction or review, this post walks you through the process of creating an extensible button component that contains the code common between button types, with additional interactivity powered by Alpine.


Laravel DDD - Getting started with DDD in Laravel

– - submitted by Steve McDougall

In a typical Laravel application we are very used to doing things in a certain way, by the book as they say. However there comes a point in the applications lifetime that it is going to be easier to start looking to split this code into Domains so that we can logically group our code. Our first step is to decide what is our domain code and what is our application code, and the simplest way to do that is to keep anything that can be directly accessed from the outside world (as in web, cli or API) inside of the App namespace. From here we can start to define our domain boundaries, try to think of these in broader terms that just β€œA post must be in the Post domain” as you aren’t solving any problems at that point.