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Catching Up Laravel - submitted by Jamison Valenta

If you're running a Laravel application in the 5's, have a legacy application bootstrapped inside Laravel, don't have any tests, or are staring in silent terror at just how long ago your production server's PHP version hit its end-of-life, this post is for you!


Laravel Nova Future Trends - submitted by Chrysanthos

Laravel Nova includes a way to generate Trend metrics and display values over time via a line chart. It doesn't however offer a way to generate the future graphs starting from the current date . This packages allows you to generate the graph for the near future.


Beautifully simple database-driven job chains in Laravel - submitted by Sam Carré

Laravel Haystack is a package that allows you to have a job chain stored in the database. Since all of the jobs in the chain are in the database, memory usage is low and you can delay jobs for a long time or have long running jobs without risking using all your memory. Laravel Haystack supports every queue connection/worker out of the box. (Database, Redis/Horizon, SQS).