Remove all history from a GitHub repository

Original – by Freek Van der Herten – 2 minute read

From time to time I need to remove all history from a GitHub repository, for instance right before releasing a package I've worked on in private. Sometimes I don't want people to see all mistakes I've made along the way :-).

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How tracking pixels work

Link –

Julia Evans explains how parties like Facebook can follow you around the web.

In this post we’ll experiment a bit and see exactly how Facebook can know what products you’ve looked at online! I’m using Facebook as an example in this blog post just because it’s easy to find websites with Facebook tracking pixels on them but of course almost every internet advertising company does this kind of tracking.


10 HTML Elements You Didn't Know You Needed

Link –

Emma Bostian demonstrates some lesser known HTML elements.

HTML is a powerful markup language which can be used to give our web applications structure and provide powerful accessibility benefits, but only when used appropriately. Thus, today we’ll discover ten HTML elements you might not have known existed in the hopes that you can create more accessible, and structurally-sound web applications.


What a Year of Learning and Teaching Accessibility Taught Me

Link –

Sara Soueidan shares valueable insights on the importance of accessibility.

A few years ago I didn’t know what the term “accessibility” meant. I built Web sites that were partially inaccessible because I didn’t know better. Fast forward to today, I know enough to be able to write, speak and run workshops on accessibility, helping others build more a accessible and inclusive Web. Much like everyone else in our field, I am still learning. But since I started, I learned a lot of valuable lessons and core values that drive my work today. Here are a few of them.


Using view models

Link –

Brent explains what view models are and how you can use them. We use view models in almost every project at Spatie.

In essence, view models are simple classes that take some data, and transform it into something usable for the view. In this chapter I'll show you the basic principles of the pattern, we'll take a look at how they integrate in Laravel projects, and finally I'll show you how we use the pattern in one of our projects.


No, disabling a button is not app logic

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David Khourshid explains how you can use state machines to make your logic more resilient.

Disabling a button is not logic. Rather, it is a sign that logic is fragile and bug-prone. In my opinion, disabling a button should only be a visual cue to the user that clicking the button will have no effect.