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Laravel Livewire - Building Support Ticket System - LaravelLive India Online Apr 2020

www.youtube.com - submitted by Mitul Golakiya

In this video I covered getting started and building a demo of Support Ticket system with comments with #laravel #livewire during the LaravelLive India Online Apr 2020. Following things are covered: 1. Setup Laravel Livewire 2. Create Livewire Components 3. Livewire Data Binding 4. Livewire Actions 5. Livewire Events Complete code here: https://bit.ly/3d87hIe

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A TALL Admin Dashboard Preset for Laravel 7+

github.com - submitted by Cristian Iosif

A Laravel 7+ admin preset that scaffolds out a minimum functionality to get one started. On top of Laravel, this preset is built using Tailwind CSS, Alpine JS and Livewire and includes: - [Laravel UI](https://github.com/laravel/ui) for generating the auth - [Laravel Charts](https://charts.erik.cat/) with ChartJS presets - [SweetAlert2](https://realrashid.github.io/sweet-alert/) package by Rashid Ali (realrashid) - [DropzoneJS](https://www.dropzonejs.com/) for uploading files

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Find user from accessToken using Laravel Passport

vrajroham.me - submitted by Vaibhavraj Roham

Passport expects `accessToken` in header(Authorization) to get a request user when `auth:api` middleware is applied. Some 3rdparty apps which use password grant for API, send `accessToken` in request body instead of header in such cases `auth:api` won't work. This post shows how you can easily extract the user from `accessToken` .

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