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Package for Similar Text Group

github.com - submitted by Alexandr Chernyaev

This is an elementary library for working on identifying similar strings in PHP without using machine learning. It allows you to get groups of one topic from the transferred set of sentences. For example, combine news headlines from different publications, as Google News does.

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github.com - submitted by Patrick

Opinionated php-cs-fixer rules that can be shared across projects, along with preconfigured Finder classes for Laravel projects/packages/composer packages/etc. Preset rules can be customized. Reduces the amount of code in `.php_cs` to only a few lines.

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Exploring Elasticsearch with Laravel Scout

jeroeng.dev - submitted by Jeroen

Searching in Laravel is very easy with Laravel Scout, but it only ships with an Algolia driver. Because Elasticsearch is fun, powerful and can also be self-hosted I created an Elasticsearch driver for Laravel Scout and in this blog post I will explain how to get started.

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