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How to start using GitHub Actions

danielvigueras.com - submitted by Daniel Vigueras

Hi Freek! I like very much your newsletter. Some days ago I wrote an article about how to start using GitHub Actions. In the article I included an example of a Laravel application. If you find it interesting enough it would be great if you would include it in your newsletter. Thanks and keep on with the good work you are doing in the newsletter. @danielvigueras

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How to create sublime text 3 snippets

veekthoven.com - submitted by Victor Abbah Nkoms

When writing code, every keystroke counts. Mastering shortcuts or using snippets for your text editor or IDE will save you a significant amount of time in the long run. In this article, I will show you how to create snippets for my favourite text editor, Sublime Text.

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Modular Laravel

github.com - submitted by Chris

Easily organize larger Laravel code bases with modules. Relies heavily on existing Composer and Laravel features so that you can utilize a more domain-oriented project structure without losing the value of existing Laravel conventions.

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