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Video and slides of the 3th PHP Antwerp meetup

Link –

Yesterday our local user group, PHP Antwerp, held it's third meetup. There were two excellent speakers and a bunch of familiar faces.

Gabriel Somoza

First up was Gabriel Somoza who talked about his project Baleen.  It's goal is to provide an intuitive framework to migrate almost anything. You can view his slides on Speakerdeck.

The second speaker was Marco Pivetta, better known on the interwebs as Ocramius. He is a member of the Doctrine core team. His talk was about best practices when using Doctrine. His slides can be found on GitHub. Here's the video of the talk:

Spatie, of which I'm a partner, sponsored the meetup. Before Marco's talk I got the opportunity to talk a bit myself about why my company is sponsoring the local user group. My short talk can be viewed on YouTube.

The organisers announced that the next meetup will be held at the end of March. If you're living in the vicinity of Antwerp, you should definitely attend.

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