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A mini package to calculate public holidays in a country

Original – by Freek Van der Herten – 2 minute read

We released a mini package called spatie/holidays that can calculate the public holidays of a country.

ou can get all holidays for a country by using the get method.

use Spatie\Holidays\Holiday;

// returns an array of Belgian holidays
// for the current year
$holidays = Holidays::for('be')->get(); 

Alternatively, you could also pass an instance of Country to the for method.

use Spatie\Holidays\Holiday;
use Spatie\Holidays\Countries\Belgium;

// returns an array of Belgian holidays
// for the current year
$holidays = Holidays::for(Belgium::make())->get(); 

You can also pass a specific year.

use Spatie\Holidays\Holiday;

$holidays = Holidays::for(country: 'be', year: 2024))->get();

If you need to see if a date is a holiday, you can use the isHoliday method.

use Spatie\Holidays\Holiday;

Holidays::for('be')->isHoliday('2024-01-01'); // true

If you need the name of the holiday, you can use the getName method.

use Spatie\Holidays\Holiday;

Holidays::for('be')->getName('2024-01-01'); // Nieuwjaar

In closing

We've made this package for our own needs and packaged it, so you don't have to code it up in your project. You can see a list of all packages we've made previously on our company website.

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