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Laravel Package Training v2 is now available

Original – by Freek Van der Herten – 2 minute read

I am excited to share that my team and I have just launched v2.0 of our Laravel Package Training video course.

Here's a the introductory video for the course:

In this course we'll cover:

  • Building a framework agnostic PHP package. We'll cover basic structure, testing, GitHub Actions, Packagist, and more
  • Building a Laravel package from scratch. We'll share our proven, modern workflow that we used to create our own 250+ packages
  • We'll take a look at some real life examples by source diving a couple of our own popular packages

Since recording v1 was released two years ago, I've learned a lot of things on both the package creation process and recording videos. For the v2 update I've re-recorded and improved our entire course.

  • Packages are now built using our latest insights. We'll use a specialized Package Service Provider as the beating heart of a Laravel package
  • We now use the latest versions of everything: PHP 8, Laravel 8
  • Testing via Pest, but we'll also explain how you can use PHPUnit
  • All videos are now in razor-sharp 4K resolution, 60 fps, and have much better sound quality

To get a taste of what's there, here's a little sample video in which you'll learn how a Package Service Provider works.

I do hope you'll enjoy this course, and I can't wait to see all the cool packages you'll be able to build with this knowledge.

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