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How to generate and view code coverage reports in PhpStorm using PHPUnit and Xdebug

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In this video, you'll learn how to generate code coverage reports, and how to display them directly in PhpStorm.

This video is part of our Laravel Package Training video course. In that course, you'll learn how to create both framework agnostic and Laravel specific packages. We'll also source dive some popular Spatie packages together, so you can pick up some tricks we apply there.

Here are some interesting resources you can check out after watching the video:

In the video you see me using "xdebug off" to turn Xdebug off. My bash function actually works a little bit different. Just execute "xdebug" to toggle Xdebug on and off.

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Benjamin Guez replied on 2nd June 2020
Hey! Have you tried PCov? Configurable directly within PhpStorm (under edit configuration), focused on coverage only, and up to 10x faster :) - also no need to have to toggle anything. Give it a try if you haven’t, you’ll love it!
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