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Learn how to create PHP and Laravel packages using our new premium video course

Original – by Freek Van der Herten – 4 minute read

Together with my colleagues at Spatie, we have produced over 200 packages with more than 75 million downloads in total.

We learned a lot by quality packages like laravel-permission, laravel-backup, browsershot, laravel-medialibrary, and many more. We feel we have a pretty good workflow to produce reliable, readable, and maintainable packages.

We want to share the knowledge we have built up over the year with you in our new premium video course, titled Laravel Package Training.

Introducing Laravel Package Training

Our video course is the perfect place to start your package building journey. The course covers both building PHP agnostic packages and Laravel packages. Even if you got some experience, I'm sure that our video course can teach you a few new tricks.

We've built a beautiful environment to watch the videos in. Your progress is automatically tracked. In the notes of each video, we included a few interesting links for you to visit.

Screenshot of course environment

In a nutshell this premium video course covers:

  • kickstarting the development process using the Spatie package skeletons
  • automatically fixing code style issues
  • using semantic versioning
  • adding routes, controllers, and views
  • using migrations and models
  • how to support multiple PHP and Laravel versions

For all functionality that is added to a package, you'll learn how to automatically test it, both locally and via GitHub Actions. This way, you can build a beautiful and maintainable package that your co-workers, clients, and the community can rely on.

There's also a whopping 90-minute live coding video where we bring together the knowledge of the entire course to build a real-life package from scratch. You can watch me code and explain my thought process. I had a lot of fun recording this one.

Finally, we added videos where we source dive popular Spatie packages. Ever wondered how we structure code and what our best practices are? Now's your chance to watch me explain how packages like laravel-medialibrary, laravel-responsecache and laravel-multitenancy work under the hood.

In total, there are 4 hours of content for you to enjoy!

What are people are saying

Why create packages in the first place?

By moving common functionalities to packages, the codebase of your apps can become smaller and more maintainable.

Packages can have their own test suite. When a bug is discovered, you can easily distribute the fix in your apps by merely running composer update.

There are commercial benefits as well. By open-sourcing packages, you as a developer, and your company become much more visible in the community, which can lead to exciting opportunities coming your way.

For Spatie and all of its team members, building packages helped us to be where we are today. You can read our story in this blog post.

In closing

We're pretty sure that everyone can learn something by watching our video course.

For a limited time, you can grab the course using the introductory price of $79. After the 4th of June, we'll use the full price of $149.

Enjoy the course!

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