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Avoid nesting using the crossJoin and eachSpread collection functions

Original – by Freek Van der Herten – 1 minute read

While working on a package I found myself trying to combine some data. This is what my code looked like. Assume that $locales and $fields are arrays that are already populated.

collect($locales)->each(function (string $locale) {
    collect($fields)->each(function (Field $field) use ($locale) 
       $this->doSomeWork($locale, $field); 

Sure, it's pretty already pretty clear, but there are also two cool collection methods that allow us to do the same thing. crossJoin creates a new collection with all possible combinations of the input given. eachSpread is a method that will pass each nested item as an argument to the callback.

Using those functions the code above can be rewritten as this:

    ->eachSpread(function (string $locale, Field $field) {
        $this->doSomeWork($locale, $field);

Even though the first version of the code was pretty clear, I like this one better. There's no nesting involved here and we avoided the need for that damn use to import a variable.

Thanks Seb for this refactor!

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