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Building a realtime dashboard powered by Laravel, Livewire and Tailwind (2020 edition)

Original – by Freek Van der Herten – 23 minute read

At Spatie we have a TV screen against the wall that displays a dashboard. This dashboard displays the tasks our team should be working on, important events in the near future, which tasks each of our team members should be working on, what music they are listening to, and so on. Here's what it looks like:


This dashboard is built using our laravel-dashboard package. It will allow you to built a similar dashboard in no time.

In this blogpost I'd like to walk you through both the dashboard and the package.

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Static Constructors in PHP

Link – - submitted by Liam Hammett

A static constructor is just a method the developer can define on a class which can be used to initialise any static properties, or to perform any actions that only need to be performed only once for the given class. The method is only called once as the class is needed.


A first look at the laravel-dashboard package

Link –

In this unrehearsed streaming session I show off how you can use the upcoming laravel-dashboard package to quickly build a beautiful dashboard that shows a realtime Twitter wall, a calendar tile that is fed by events coming from a Google Calendar, and a tile that displays the weather.

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Mixing event sourcing in a traditional Laravel app

Original – by Freek Van der Herten – 9 minute read

Together with my colleague Brent, I'm working on designing the architecture of a massive Laravel application. In that application, we'll have traditional parts and event sourced parts. In this blog post, I'd like to give a practical example of how we think to achieve this.

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