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newsletter #45

Hi, welcome to the 45th newsletter! 

A trait to dynamically add methods to a class
We recently released our newest package called macroable. It contains a trait that, when applied to class, can dynamically add methods to that class. This trait is basically a stand alone version of the macroable trait in Laravel. In this post I’d like to show you how you can use it, how it works behind the scenes and explain why we created it.

New features in our packages
Every time our team releases a package I have the habit of writing an introductory blogpost. But after the initial release most pages gain more features through PRs by the community and ourselves.

Goodbye controllers, hello request handlers
Jens Segers, developer at Teamleader and author of the popular Optimus and laravel-mongodb packages, wrote about an alternative to controllers.

All videos of Laracon EU 2017 have been released
Laracon EU 2017 was, like the previous years, an excellent event. Together with 700+ fellow artisans I very much enjoyed watching the talks and meeting people between them. All video’s of this edition have recently been made available on YouTube.

Building an SMS admin powered by Laravel and Nexmo
JMac, the creator of Laravel Shift, shared how he can very easily spin up a new job on his service by sending a simple SMS message.

Handling Stripe payments in Laravel
Povilas Korop, creator of Laravel Daily and Quick Admin Panel, wrote an extensive guide on how to integrate Stripe into a Laravel application.

Partitioning for concurrency in synchronous business processes
On his blog Frank De Jonge, member of the PHP League and creator of Flysystem, explains a cool pragmatic solution how to ensure queued processes for the same user complete in the right order.

BetterReflection v2 has been released
The awesome Roave team has recently released v2 of their BetterReflection package. It can do anything PHP’s native reflection API can, but without actually autoloading the code.

Build a Laravel 5.5 admin panel in minutes with QuickAdminPanel (sponsored)
QuickAdminPanel is a visual tool to create your CRUDs, fields, relationships with no coding. It has dozens of modules: multi-tenancy, Reports Generator, Calendars, Stripe, Github integration etc. It generates pure Laravel, you don't need to learn extra packages.

Essential image optimization
Addy Osmani, a Google Chrome engineer, recently published a e-book on image optimization.

Nordic.js 2017 videos have been released
Like the name implies, Nordic.js is a conference that focuses on JavaScript. The organisers recently released all videos of the 2017 edition.

Real-time insights powered by reactive programming
In this talk Jay Phelps, an engineer at Netflix, explains how Netflix using reactive programming to visualise a large stream of events.

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

Laravel's rescue helper
Fuzzy searching for changed files in GitHub PRs

Useful links from the archives

A Laravel package to store language lines in the database
In our projects a client sometimes wants to change the value of such a language line. But as we don’t want to let the client edit php files we had to come up with another way of storing localized strings. Our new laravel-translation-loader package will enable the language lines to be stored in the database. 

Sending a welcome mail using Laravel's Mailables
Recently I was working on a project where, in order to use the webapp, users should first apply for an account. Potential users can fill in request form. After the request is approved by an admin they may use the app.

Our client expected that the barrier to request an account should be very low. That’s why the request form doesn’t contain a password field. Instead, when an account is approved, a welcome mail is sent with a link to where the user can specify a password.

In this post I’d like to show you how we solved this with Laravel 5.3’s mailables.

A little library to deal with color conversions
My colleague Seb needed to convert some color values in PHP. He looked around for some good packages, but there weren’t any that fit the bill. So guess what he did? He just created a new package called spatie/color.

Creating a mail driver in Laravel
Over at Sitepoint, Younes Rafie wrote a tutorial on how to create a custom mail driver in Laravel 5.3. In the post he shows some code that can log all email to the database.

A better dd() for your TDD
On the Tighten blog Keith Damiani wrote an article how you can mold the dd helper to your liking.

Watch the Laracon EU 2016 sessions
If you were unable to attend Laracon EU 2016 or want to see the talk you missed during the conference you can now do so. The organisers have uploaded video’s of all talks to their YouTube channel.

A Sequel Pro bundle to generate Laravel migration files
Colin Viebrock, author of the well know laravel-sluggable package, created a new Sequel Pro bundle that can genenerate Laravel migration files.

Beyond Console Debugging Tricks
Daniel Reis shows some alternatives for the best known form of debugging JavaScript console.log.

Keep folders on top when sorting in MacOS
This great options was introduced in Sierra.

Lesser known git commands
Tim Pettersen shares some of his git aliases.

Our packages have been downloaded one million times
In september 2016 our packages we crossed the one million download mark. Currently (October 2017) our packages have been download more than 5 million times.

The MIT License, Line by Line
Kyle E. Mitchell goes over the MIT License, line by line.

Computer Vision Syndrome
Eric L. Barnes explains what Computer Vision Syndrome is, and what you can do to avoid it.

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