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newsletter #53

Hi, welcome to the 53th newsletter! 

How to upgrade from PHP 7.1 to 7.2 on MacOS using Homebrew
It's laughably easy to upgrade.

Laravel 5.6 introduces Blade component aliases
Registering Blade component aliases can greatly clean up your code.

Notification specific routing in Laravel 5.6
Notifications in Laravel just got a little bit better.

Run a package from a local directory
Barry Van Veen shares how you can install a package from a local path into your project. This is extremely handy when developing a package.

GroupBy multiple levels in Laravel
Laravel 5.5.29 introduced the ability to group a collection on multiple levels. In a new post on his blog, Christopher Rumpel demonstrates the new feature.

The Laravel Companion: 2nd Edition (sponsored link)
Take 33% off and expand your knowledge of The Laravel Framework with the Laravel Companion: 2nd Edition. Learn about helpers, collections, and more!

What’s new in ECMAScript2018?
Bram Van Damme wrote a new post with some good examples of cool stuff that will land in JavaScript soon.

Laravel Design Patterns
Here's a video of the Bobby Bouwmann's recent talk at PHP Antwerp.

Automatic visual diffing with Puppeteer
Monica Dinculescu, an engineer at Google, shares on her blog how you can use Puppeteer, Mocha and Pixelmatch to create automated visual tests.

Customizing the Spatie dashboard
At Spatie, we have created a dashboard powered by Laravel, Pusher and Vue that displays a lot of information useful for our company. Here's a write up of how it can be customized.

Optimize programming by optimizing for scannability
Michael D. Hill posted a great new video on his blog where he makes the case for optimizing for scannability.


Oh Dear!

I recently launched Oh Dear! : a service that can monitor uptime, detect broken links, mixed content and certificate problems.

Try Oh Dear! 10 days for free by registering an account.

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Useful links from the archives

A package to easily manipulate images in PHP
We released a new package called image that makes manipulation images in PHP extremely easy.

Methods Are Affordances, Not Abilities
In a new post on his blog Adam Wathan explains his thinking on the meaning of having a method on an object.

Why a software patch is called a patch
Bram Van Damme explains the origin of the word "patch" in context of software.

Configuration-driven PHP security advice considered harmful
Scott Arciszewski debunks the commonly given advice on securing your PHP installation by setting some php.ini values.

A link blog to stay in touch with the bigger PHP community

Add syntactic sugar by preprocessing PHP
In an awesome article at Sitepoint Christopher Pitt explains how he used the yay macro library to add syntax to PHP.

A package to remember a visitor's original referer

Moving tech forward with Gomix, Express, and Google Spreadsheets
Matt Stauffer wrote down his experiences with creating a simple app on Gomix, a platform to easily create node powered sites right in your browser.

Polyfills: everything you ever wanted to know, or maybe a bit less
David Gilbertson tells you all about polyfills.

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