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newsletter #68

Hi, welcome to the 68th newsletter! 

A tags field for Nova apps
Introducing our newest Nova package.

Introducing Laravel view models
My colleague Brent released another awesome package called laravel-view-models. On his blog he shares some good examples and uses cases.

Community-driven PHP 8 Wish List
Nikola Poša did some light research on what features PHP developers are craving for to be added in PHP 8.

Union Types vs. Intersection Types
In an older but still relevant blogpost, Ondřej Mirtes, the author of PHPStan, explains the difference between union types and intersection types.

Using the Same-Site Cookie Attribute to Prevent CSRF Attacks
A cool new attribute for your cookies.

Using Travis-CI for your Laravel Nova packages
Now that Laravel Nova can be installed via composer, we can run tests for Nova packages and projects on Travis CI. 

Jake Bathman, developer at Tigthen Co, wrote a new blogpost explaining what Laravel's APP_KEY environment variable is used for.

Verifying Laravel Version Compatibility
TJ Miller shares a cool Travis config to tests against all versions of Laravel.

Test Contra-variance
In an older but still relevant article on the Clean Coder Blog, Uncle Bob argues that the structure of your tests should not necessarly reflect the structure of your code

Introducing Phoenix.LiveView
Phoenix is a framework written in Elixir. It's creator, Chris McCord, showcased an impressive new feature called LiveView at ElixirConf.

Babel under the hood
Mahak Narayan Singh explains how Babel does it's job.

Extended Validation Certificates are Dead
In a new blogpost Troy Hunt explains why you shouldn't bother buying an EV certificate anymore.

How Music Was Made On Super Nintendo
Limitations breed creativity.

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

Refactor complex if statements to their own methods

Reviewing your code for symmetry

Aliasing columns in Eloquent's query builder

A better written data method

Overriding the validationData method on FormRequest

Useful links from the archives

A trait to dynamically add methods to a class
We recently released our newest package called macroable. It contains a trait that, when applied to class, can dynamically add methods to that class.

New features in our packages
Every time our team releases a package I have the habit of writing an introductory blogpost. But after the initial release most pages gain more features.

Extending models in Eloquent
Caleb Porzio, co-presenter of the Twenty Percent Time podcast, published a new article on the Tightenco blog.

6 tips that will improve your typography on your UI
Steve Schoger, a well known designer in the Laravel community, wrote down some good, actionable tips to improve your typography.

Formatting Vue component properties in PHPStorm

Who uses PHP (and Laravel) anyway?
Colin DeCarlo, a developer at Vehikl, wrote some thoughts on why PHP has a bad reputation in some circles.

Derping with Kotlin
Kotlin is a workhorse language built by the folks at JetBrains (you know, the company that gave the world PHPStorm). It's a superset of Java.

Messing around with HTTP status codes
The HTTP specification says that status codes should be three digits integers, but what happens if they are not?

Five Vuex plugins for your next project
On the blog Anthony Gore suggested a few cool Vuex plugins that could come in handy.

Event Sourcing: what it is and why it's awesome
If you haven't heard about event sourcing or are unsure about what it is, Barry O Sullivan has got you covered.

iTerm2 leaks everything you hover in your terminal via DNS requests
iTerm2, a populair terminal app, contained a very bad security issue. 

Goodbye controllers, hello request handlers
Jens Segers, developer at Teamleader and author of the popular Optimus and laravel-mongodb packages, wrote about an alternative to controllers.

All videos of Laracon EU 2017 have been released
Laracon EU 2017 was, like the previous years, an excellent event. 

Building an SMS admin powered by Laravel and Nexmo
JMac, the creator of Laravel Shift, shared how he can very easily spin up a new job on his service by sending a simple SMS message.

BetterReflection v2 has been released
The awesome Roave team has recently released v2 of their BetterReflection package. It can do anything PHP's native reflection API can, but without actually loading the code.

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