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newsletter #77

Hi, welcome to the 77th newsletter! 

A package to use Artisan Tinker in your browser
Laravel comes with a very handy tinker terminal command out of the box. This new package will let you use tinker in the browser.

11 Awesome Laravel Helper Functions
Caleb Porzio created a new Laravel package with a couple of very usefull functions.

Server-side apps with client-side rendering
Jonathan Reinink proposes a new take on what Vue's role could be in a server rendered app.

A video course on PHP and Laravel package development
If you ever wanted to created a package, but didn't know how, here's the perfect video course for you.

20 lines of code that will beat A/B testing every time
In an older but still post, Steve Hanov explains a nice algorithm to test out new features on your audience. I don't now if this approach will yield…

Laravel Mailbox in-depth walkthrough
Here's another cool package by Marcel: laravel-mailbox. In a new post on his blog he guides us through the code.

A package to handle enums
Recently we released a new package called enum. In a new post on his blog Brent tells you what the benefit of working with enums is and how our differs from the many alternatives.

Going deep on UUIDs and ULIDs
Over at the Honeybadger blog, Starr Horne wrote an interesting article on the different types of UUIDs and ULIDs.

Build and Run Unikernels On Your Own Laptop or in the Cloud (sponsored link)
Unikernels are widely considered the next generation of cloud infrastructure for their performance, security and size but have remained in-accessible to developers due to their low level nature - until now. OPS allows anyone to build and run any linux binary as a unikernel.

Notes on PHP RFCs, and topics that occur repeatedly on PHP internals
Dan Ackroyd maintains this interesting repo on GitHub with thoughts on why some PHP RFC's are not implemented yet. 

How JavaScript was used in Netflix' Bandersnatch
Here's a presentation from the Netflix engineering team on how they made the interface for Netflix' interactive movie Bandersnatch.

The internet was built on the free labor of open source developers. Is that sustainable?

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

Mission impossible in PHP

An auto theme for Laravel Webtinker

Make sure to use the right types when querying a database

Useful links from the archives

A package to assign statuses to Eloquent models

Using Content Security Policy headers in a Laravel app

Inside the browser's event loop
In a terrific talk given at JS.Conf Asia, Jake Archibald, developer advocate at Google, explains what's going on in the event loop of the browser.

Setting up Laravel Horizon with Forge and Envoyer
Dries Vints, maintainer of, posted a step-by-step guide on how to get started with Laravel Horizon on a Forge provisioned server.

Extended validation is broken
In a new article on his blog Ian Carroll shows that it's quite easy to trick users into thinking that they're connected to the right site.

Regaining trust in your test suite with Docker
Frank de Jonge, creator and maintainer of Flysystem, recently started using Docker to test the FTP driver. On his blog he explains the why and how.

A new security header: Referrer Policy
Almost a year ago, Scott Helme, creator of and, wrote a blogpost on a not well known http header: Referrer-Policy.

A pair of helping hands when naming things
In a new post on his blog Sebastian De Deyne shares a few services and tools he uses to help him with naming things.

Enabling PHP method chaining with a makeshift pipe operator
Sebastiaan Luca, a freelance Laravel developer from Antwerp, coded up a couple of functions that mimic a pipe operator.

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