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newsletter #47

Hi, welcome to the 47th newsletter! 

Introducing Browsershot v3: the best way to convert html to PDFs and images
Wouldn’t it be great if we could just use Chrome and Puppeteer to convert html to PDFs and images? Browsershot is package that does exactly that. In this post I’d like to introduce v3 of Browsershot, which was recently released.

Improving the performance of PhpStorm
PhpStorm is a fantastic editor. Unfortunately it can be quite slow. Brent, one of our developers at Spatie, blogged a few tips to make it run a bit faster. I’ve followed all his suggestions and PhpStorm now feels a bit more responsive.

Debugging the dreaded “Class log does not exist” error in Laravel
My colleague Sebastian took the time to write down the solution to a problem many artisans will come across at some point in time. I hope that in a future version of Laravel that error message will be improved so that it makes clear what the actual problem really is.

Lies you’ve been told about testing
In his excellent talk given at Laracon Online 2017, Adam Wathan argues that testing in isolation leads to brittle test and that integration tests are much more valuable.

Writing code that speaks
Caleb Porzio gives some good advice on how to make code more readable in this talk given at Erie Day of Code 2017.

A Laravel package to log HTTP requests
Our team created a new package that can log all requests using a middleware.

Meerkat, A beautiful, full-featured comment system for Statamic, a flat-file CMS. (sponsored link)

Backup multiple sites and frameworks with Laravel Backup
Tim MacDonald, a freelance software developer living in Australia, wrote down how he used our backup package to backup his Laravel and WordPress sites.

Introducing Clockwork 2.0
Clockwork is Laravel package, made by itsgoingd, that can collect a lot of helpful info such as queries executed, views loaded, route used, … Unlike the popular laravel-debugbar package, Clockwork will not inject extra stuff into the html itself. All collected info is displayed in the developer tools of your browser.

What I’ve learned after giving 100 talks
Zeno Racha wrote down some of his thoughts around public speaking. I’ve not given as much talks as he has but surely agree with everything in his post.

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

Carbon is macroable in Laravel 5.5
Easily use Laravel policy methods
A few ways to clean up conditional code

Useful links from the archives

An opinionated tagging package for Laravel apps
There are a lot of quality tagging packages out there. Most of them offer the same thing: creating tags, associating them with models and some functions to easily retrieve models with certain tags. But in our projects at Spatie we need more functionality. Last week we released our own – very opinionated – tagging package aptly called laravel-tags. 

From MailChimp to Sendy: how I saved 600$ a year
Mattias Geniar recently moved his excellent newsletter from MailChimp to Sendy. In a new post on his site he shares why and how he did that.

How to refactor code with PhpStorm
Matthew Setter demonstrates PhpStorm’s handy refactorings. Personally I use “extracting code to a new method” quite a lot.

How to open source at Zalando
Zalando, a large online fashion plaform, published it's guidelines around open source creation and usage.

Creating a multiplayer snake game in PHP
On the sitepoint blog Bruno Skvorc explains some of the inner works of the PHP version of snake created by Andrew Carter.

Structuring PHP exceptions
Alain Schlesser wrote an article on how to manage exceptions in a large codebase.

Varnish explained
Varnish is a piece of software that, amongst other things, can make your website much faster. In a new post on his blog, Mattias Geniar tells you all about it.

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