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newsletter #65

Hi, welcome to the 65th newsletter! 

Introducing laravel-event-projector: the easiest way to get started with event sourcing in a Laravel app
I recently launched a new package that makes getting starting with event sourcing in Laravel dead simple.

A new website for Spatie: backend highlights
For the first time in 4 years we completely redesigned our company website. Here is some interesting stuff about the back end

A few notes about the frontend of the renewed
My colleague Willem wrote this guest post about the front end challenges of our new website.

Objects should be constructed in one go
In another cool blogpost, Matthias Noback explains a few best practices around newing up objects, illustrated with some great examples.

A new security header: Feature Policy
Scott Helme, creator of both and, introduces a header to enable or disable certain APIs on a webpage.

Learn real-world Vue.js with The Vue.js Master Class (sponsored link)
At Vue School, we teach Vue.js, JavaScript, best practices, architecture and related technologies to web developers and we think that your newsletter can be a good fit for our premium course. Use this link in July, and get 25% off.

Take a look into your Laravel views
Marcel Pociot, serial open source creator, released another cool Laravel package.

Everything is Anything: The Unlikely Wisdom of Historical Stabbings
This talk given Ross Tuck at the exec(ut) conference is one of the best talks I ever saw.

My interview on the Laravel podcast
In season 3 of the Laravel podcast Matt Stauffer interviews people in the Laravel community. I had the pleasure of being the guest on the latest episode.

Introducing Laravel Nova
At Laracon US 2018 Taylor Otwell introduced Laravel Nova, a very shiny admin panel for Laravel applications.

The World's Largest Websites Not Redirecting Insecure Requests to HTTPS
Please please please redirect everything to https.

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

The Laravel's abort helper can take any Response object

Useful links from the archives

Optimize images in Laravel apps
A while ago we released image-optimizer. In short this package can make all kinds of images smaller by stripping out metadata and applying a little compression.

Achieving Geo-search with Laravel Scout and Algolia
On a new post by Julien Bourdeau was published that shows how you can easily import and search geographic data with Laravel Scout and Algolia.

How to analyze tweet sentiments with PHP Machine Learning
In a post on Sitepoint Allan MacGregor gives a good practical example on how to work with PHP-ML, a machine learning library for PHP.

Load balancing with Nginx
On his recently redesigned Servers For Hackers site Chris Fidao published a free 6 part series on how to use Nginx as a load balancer.

A recap of Laracon US 2017
Laracon US 2017 was an amazing conference. Sid published this excellent recap that contains many links to slides and related content.

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