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newsletter #89

Hi, welcome to the 89th newsletter! 

I've had some trouble sending out this edition. If you received this mail more than once, I apologize. I hope you'll continue to enjoy the newsletter.

Supercharging common controllers
Here's the recording of the talk I gave at Laracon US 2019. It contains a bunch of little tricks we use to keep our projects simple. I pretty sure everybody can pick up a few cool bits here.

Get ready for the launch of Flare
Together with Marcel Pociot and our colleagues at Beyond Code and Spatie, I'm currently building Flare, a paid service which will be revealed at Laracon EU. Together with the service we'll release a free package that will change the way you will work with Laravel. To stay in the loop subscribe to our mailinglist at

Automatically detect broken links after a deploy
You can use the Oh Dear! API to automatically perform health checks on your app after a deploy.

JAMstack as a beginner
I hear more and more people talking about JAMstack. Here's a good post that explains what it is.

Stop designing products for random people
Some solid advice for when you're building a product.

Multiple forms with same input names on one page
Stefan Bauer explains how to handle error message when you have multiple forms on one page

Lazy collections in Laravel
Unsung Laravel hero Joseph Silber opened up a very interesting PR to Laravel. Let's hope this one gets accepted.

4 Ways The Laravel Service Container Helps Us Managing Our Dependencies
Christoph Rumpel wrote a clear post on how you can use Laravel's service container.

10 rules to code like NASA (applied to interpreted languages)
Here a some great tips on how to write robust software.

Laravel and Murphy’s Law
Patrick Brouwers, the creator of Laravel Excel, explains how to handle failing jobs in Laravel.

Conditional logic with the CASE expression in SQL
CASE is SQLs answer to other programming languages IF-ELSE statement. If you need to test a condition and return a value CASE is the expression you need.

Some Shifty Bits
Laravel Shift creator JMac did a write up of the talk he gave at this year's Laracon US

Cost & Performance optimization in Laravel Vapor
Mohammed Said shares some solid tips on optimizing costs when working in a serverless environment like Laravel Vapor

Viewing model counts in the Laravel Debugbar
Jonathan Reinink has added a very usefull metric to Laravel debugbar

Why Build X When Y Exists?
In a new post David Hemphill argues that you sure can (re)build something that already exists. I fully agree.

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

A beautiful way to fetch your models chunked

Useful testing methods in Laravel

Improve the speed of Valet Share in the EU

Switch PHP versions using Laravel Valet

Useful links from the archives

Introducing our Laravel Nova packages

Eloquent MySQL views

Mo' models mo' problems

Why your form only needs one name field

Leaders, stop being so nice all the time

The Everybody Poops Rule
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