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newsletter #44

Hi, welcome to the 44th newsletter! 

Extending models in Eloquent
Caleb Porzio, co-presenter of the Twenty Percent Time podcast, published a new article on the Tightenco blog. This time he guides us through a nice use case for extending Eloquent models.

Who uses PHP (and Laravel) anyway?
Colin DeCarlo, a developer at Vehikl, wrote some thoughts on why PHP has a bad reputation in some circles.

PHP 7.2 is due in November. What’s new?
The next version of PHP is just around the corner. In new blogpost Martin Hujer walks us through the changes. - monitoring and application analytics built specifically for Laravel (sponsered link)
This service allows you and your team members to monitor all your Laravel applications in one central location. Get deep insights and easily watch your cron schedulers, queues, remotely view and manage log files, and monitor your email, security, SSL, DNS and much more.

iTerm2 leaks everything you hover in your terminal via DNS requests
 if you use iTerm2 and haven’t updated it recently, be sure to do it now! The problem is fixed in version 3.1.1.

Event Sourcing: what it is and why it’s awesome
If you haven’t heard about event sourcing or are unsure about what it is, Barry O Sullivan has got you covered. Recently he wrote up a blogpost that explains it very clearly.

Our vue-table-component got some nice improvements
At beginning of the summer we released a new Vue component called vue-table-component. Our aim was to create a very easy to use Vue component to render a table with data. You can toy a little bit with the component on the demo page. Recently Seb and I worked on two cool new features which I want to highlight in this blogpost.

Formatting Vue component properties in PHPStorm
One thing that was bothering is that by default PHPStorm will use 8 characters of indentation for Vue component properties. Let's fix that!

Five Vuex plugins for your next project
On the blog Anthony Gore suggested a few cool Vuex plugins that could come in handy.

Messing around with HTTP status codes
The HTTP specification says that status codes should be three digits integers, but what happens if they are not? April King, head of website security at Mozilla, did some fun experiments to find out.

Prepare your website for iPhone X
Last week Apple introduced their new fancy iPhone X. It’s screen has a top notch that might cause some problems in landscape mode. Stephen Radford explains how to properly handle it.

Derping with Kotlin
Kotlin is a workhorse language built by the folks at JetBrains (you know, the company that gave the world PHPStorm). It’s a superset of Java. In this video by Ross Tuck he tells you more about it and walks you through some of it’s nice features.

6 tips that will improve your typography on your UI
Steve Schoger, a well known designer in the Laravel community, wrote down some good, actionable tips to improve your typography.

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets. Instead of only retweeting those, I’m going to add them to my blog. Here are the first ones:

Specify columns to eager load directly in the with call
Validating a request and creating a model in one go
The json Blade directive

Useful links from the archives

Using class_alias to maintain BC while moving/renaming classes
I’ve been using PHP for quite some time now, and I had never heard of class_alias before reading this post by Fabian Schmengler.

Simplifying presenters in Laravel
In the Laravel template that we use to kickstart all our client projects at Spatie, I recently changed the way we handle presenters. Instead of using Jeffrey Way’s popular presenter package we now use simple traits. In this post I want to give some background on that change.

Taking care of backups with Laravel
A new major version of laravel-backup was recently tagged. This package can backup files and databases of your Laravel app (or any PHP application really).  In this post I’d like to give some background on why and how it was built.

Preventing API drift with contract tests
In an older post on his blog Adam Wathan shared an interesting approach on how to prevent API drift between a test mock and an actual implementation.

How (not) to use accessors in Eloquent
Jarek Tkaczyk wrote a blogpost on the usage of accessors in Eloquent. He demonstrates what could go wrong when using accessors on certain fields.

How to design words
John Saito, a designer at Dropbox, wrote down some very useful tips to improve the text in your UI.

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