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newsletter #71

Hi, welcome to the 71th newsletter! 

How to size & scale your Laravel Queues
My buddy Mattias and I run a monitoring service called Oh Dear! We plan on regularly writing cool stuff on the technical and commericial challenges we face. Here's the first one in that series.

Making Nova fields translatable
Laravel Nova is package to quickly create admin interfaces in a Laravel app. Unfortunately there's no support for multiple locales out of the box. Our new package solves that.

Other people's setup
A couple of week ago I wrote a blogpost that contains all the software, hardware and settings I use. Here are some similar posts written by fellow devs.

Automatic monitoring of Laravel Forge managed sites
Here's a nice new feature that recently landed in Oh Dear!

Our packages have been downloaded 20 million times
At Spatie we hit another cool milestone!

Major performance problems when running PhpStorm on a scaled resolution
It's very frustrating I can't use a scaled resolution on my Mac because of PhpStorm.

Get ready for your technical interview! Practice for free on Pramp - the world's largest platform for practicing DS&A interviews (sponsored link)
Can you ace a coding interview? Make sure you can. Pramp, a peer-2-peer mock interviews platform allows you to practice for free. Pramp's matching algorithm will make sure you'll get to practice with other awesome coders like yourself. subscribers are enjoying unlimited interview credits - just use the link

Unslacking Tideways Company
Benjamin Eberlei wrote a post on why and how he got rid of Slack in his company.

Why geeks should speak
Justin Jackson wrote a cool post on the benefits of public speaking.

Are you sure you need entrust or laravel-permission to implement your authorization?
Some solid advice from Adel Faiz: do not use a package for authorization unless you really need its functionalities.

ngrok, and A Trilogy for Local Development and Testing
Nick Janetakis shares three tools that come in handy when developing locally.

Laravel Telescope: Data too long for column ‘content’
Mattias explains a problem we recently encountered at Oh Dear with Telescope.

Fixing Imagick's “not authorized” exception
The last couple of weeks some strange Imagick errors popped up across all our servers. In a new blogpost my colleague Alex explains the cause and the fix.

Using v-model on Nested Vue Components
Woodworker/developer Jesse Schutt clearly explains how to use v-model properly on nested components.

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

The return value of throw_unless

Auto register Vue components in a Laravel app

Useful links from the archives

A beautiful webapp to fetch dns records
Recently my company Spatie launched, a beautiful site to quickly lookup dns records. True to form, we also opensourced it.

What I've learned after giving 100 talks
Zeno Racha wrote down some of his thoughts around public speaking. 

Don't design your emails
You can spend a lot of time to make emails look pretty, but it might be better to just don't style them at all. 

A little story about the `yes` Unix command
yes is a Unix command that will spit out and infinite stream of y's.

Writing clean code
Jason McCreary, creator of Laravel Shift, wrote a down a two part series on how to write cleaner code.

Airplanes and Ashtrays
Harry Roberts makes the case for making technical debt visible instead of trying to hide it.

PHP Versions Stats - 2017.2 Edition
Every six months Jordi Boggiano, co-creator and maintainer of Composer/Packagist, publishes statistics on which versions of PHP are used.

Improve the error output of console commands in a Laravel app
If you execute an Artisan command and something goes wrong, the error output is not terribly detailed. Here's how to improve that.

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