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newsletter #83

Hi, welcome to the 83rd newsletter! 

PHP in 2019
In an awesome post, my colleague Brent explains that PHP is in a very good state nowadays. If you dismissed the language previously, now is a good time to take another look.

React for Vue developers
In the latest episode of Full Stack Radio podcast, my colleague Seb explains the differences between React and Vue.

Patterns for Decoupling in Distributed Systems
On his blog, Mathias Verraes started a series of posts on patterns for decoupling in distributed systems. I'll link to just one of the posts here, but they are all worth your time.

Making Laravel Scout Imports 64x Faster
Matt Allan explains why using an offset is slow when used on large datasets.

Improved security with HSTS
In a new post at the Oh Dear blog, there's a good explanation how HSTS improves security.

Read-Writable Regular Expressions
Emily Shaffer makes the case for commenting regular expressions.

What is a binary tree and why would I ever want to reverse it
Senior CEO Frederick Vanbrabant helps you to answer this horrible interview question.

SOLID, interfaces and final
My colleague Brent started a new podcasts series called "Rant with Brent". In the first episode has explains why he likes the final keyword

Introducting the Tappable trait to use 'tap' with any class
Recently Laravel introduced a Tappable trait. This blogpost explains what this trait allows you to do.

Deep dive: How do React hooks really work?
Hooks is feature was added recently to React that I really like.

Useful links from the archives

When empty is not empty
Recently when I was working on a project I got some strange results when using the empty function. Here's what I was debugging.

Tidy up your tests with class-based model factories
John Bonaccorsi, a developer from Tighten, wrote some good ways of structuring model factories in a Laravel app.

Event sourcing made simple
The team at Kickstarter made a simple, synchronous event sourcing library implemented in Ruby.

Practicing symmetry
In a new video Jason McCreary, the creator of the wonderful Laravel Shift, demonstrates a few good tips to clean up code.

Refactoring Vue: cleaning up a list of posts with better component splitting and more ES6
Matt Stauffer shares some interesting refactors suggested by his co-workers on a Vue component he wrote.

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