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You might wonder why you're getting this newsletter that looks conspicuously similar to the one. Well, I've recently moved my entire blog from the domain to My colleague Seb and I are also working on a design refresh that hopefully will go live in the next couple of weeks. 

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Caching the entire response of a Laravel app
When a request comes in your app will return a response. We created a package that can vastly improve the performance of the app by caching that response.

A rule to validate delimited data
laravel-validation-rules is a package that contains handy custom validation rules. We recently added a cool Delimited rule.

React for Vue developers
In a new blogpost, Sebastian De Deyne compares Vue syntax with React syntax.

Live refactor: contributing to open source
In this video Jason McCreary creates a PR that adds a null driver to our laravel-newsletter package.

Exceptional Exceptions
At the Clarabridge Developers blog, Toon Daelman wrote a good post on how to improve your exceptions.

Calculating totals in Laravel using conditional aggregates
Jonathan Reinink wrote another awesome post on how to handle a complicated query.

Parallel PHP: The Next Chapter
Joe Watkins, core contributor and pthreads author, released a new threading API for PHP called parallel.

Open source beyond the market
Here's a video of the keynote DHH gave at RailsConf 2019. You can also read the entire piece here.

Functional architecture: the pits of success
This talk by Mark Seeman explains the differences between object oriented and functional programming.

Bash/Shell Autocompletion for Composer
Bram Van Damme explains how you can get autocompletion for most composer commands.

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

Plucking multiple attributes

Improving title tags

Using Eloquent's firstOr

A lot of html tags, like "body" and "head" are optional

Ever wondered what "hydrate" means?

Useful links from the archives

When empty is not empty
Recently when I was working on a project I got some strange results when using the empty function. 

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