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newsletter #52

Hi, welcome to the 52th newsletter! 

Oh Dear! Website and SSL Monitoring Application Is Now Live
Together with Mattias Geniar I've been working on Oh Dear!. We launched it earlier this month. In this post on Laravel News Paul Redmond describes all the things Oh Dear! has to offer.

How to send a "trial expiring soon" mail in Laravel Spark
Oh Dear! is a heavily customized Laravel Spark app. In this post I explain how to automatically send users a mail a bit before their trial expires. 

Displaying sites that are down on a dashboard using Oh Dear! webhooks
Oh Dear! provides a package to easily listen to events via webhooks. Read this post to learn how I've integrated Oh Dear! into the Spatie dashboard using those webhooks.

Where a curly bracket belongs
My colleague Brent has some good thoughts on where to place curly brackets.

Passing data to layouts in Blade through extends
On his blog, Sebastian De Deyne, shares a quick tip on how to pass data to a layout in Laravel.

Ci For Laravel (sponsored link)

How I redesigned my blog and moved it from Jekyll to Laravel
Cristopher Rumpel recently launched a big redesign of his blog. In a new post he touches on why he moved away from his old solution, and what kind of problems he had to solved.

Vancouver PHP's Q&A session with Taylor Otwell
The Vancouver PHP user group recently had a Q&A session with Laravel's creator Taylor Otwell.

Optimizing colinodell/json5 with Blackfire
Collin O' Dell, member of the PHP League, shares how he was able to significantly improve the performance his json5 package using Blackfire profiling.

What's new in Vue Devtools 4.0
There's some cool stuff in the new version of the Vue devtools. Guillame Chau, member of the Vue core team, made a nice overview of the improvements.

PHP-DI 6: turning into a compiled container for maximum performances
In a new post on his blog Matthieu Napoli, creator of PHP-DI, explains how he made v6 much faster.

I’m taking a break from cron.weekly
In the beginning of the year people tend to compile lists with everything they want to achieve in the next 365 days. But sometimes you just have to leave some things behind before starting something new.


Useful links from the archives

Easily work with the Twitter Streaming API in PHP
Twitter provides a streaming API with which you can do interesting things such as listen for tweets that contain specific strings. We've released a package to easily work with those streams.

A checklist for all projects that are going live
Apart from our open source work, we do client work at Spatie as well. Over the years we've learned that one of the most critical moments of a project is when it's going a live. We've compiled a list of things to check.

Why I close PRs
Jeff Geerling, currently working as a technical architect at Aquina, wrote a good post on when and why he closes PRs to the packages he's maintaining.

Conditionally adding rules to a validator in Laravel
Mohamed Said explains the not so well known sometimes validation rule in Laravel.

Use sane defaults over exceptions
Freek Lijten, a developer at Schiphol, makes the case for just setting a sane default value instead of throwing an exception.

The Magic Tricks of Testing
In a mail sent to all subscribers on the Adam Wathan mentioned a talk Sandi Metz gave a couple of years ago at Rails Conf. It's a really good talk that explains in a clear way when and what you should test.

Using anonymous classes to write simpler tests
Matthieu Napoli, author of PHP-DI and, wrote a post on how you can use anonymous classes to quickly create mocks, spies and fixtures.

Switching PHP versions with Laravel Valet
Michael Dyrynda, one of the two hosts of the Laravel Podcast, shared a nice tip on how to quickly switch PHP versions when using Laravel Valet.

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