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newsletter #75

Hi, welcome to the 75th newsletter! 

Tools to automatically format PHP, JavaScript and CSS files
When working on a project with other people, it's important to pick a coding standard. There are a few tools around that can help you enforce it.

How migrations might be slowing down your Laravel tests
Having a lot of migrations might slow down your tests. My colleague Alex shares how you can fix this.

Analytics for developers
Brent wrote down a few tips on how your can interpret data from Analytics correctly.

Online-course: Eloquent Expert Level (sponsored link) 
You can save a lot of time by knowing shortcuts to Eloquent. Find out less-known features and Model properties, effective ways to query data, work with Relationships, Collections and additional useful packages - all in this 4-hour video course.

Phoenix LiveView: Interactive, Real-Time Apps. No Need to Write JavaScript.
Chris McCord, author of the Phoenix Framework, will soon release a new feature called LiveView: a way of making interactive apps without JavaScript. 

Proof of Concept: Phoenix LiveView for Laravel
Here's a cool video by Caleb Porzio where he demonstrates his proof of concept port of Phoenix LiveView in Laravel.

Introducing phpx: implementing Phoenix' LiveView in PHP
And here's yet some more on LiveView :-). Christopher Pitt has created a new package called phpx that bring the power of LiveView to PHP.

Hexagonal architecture
The main thought behind hexagonal architecture is that by isolation the core logic of your app, adding more inputs (like an API or console app) or outputs becomes much easier.

Q&A on the Book Refactoring - Second Edition
Refactoring is an excellent book written by Martin Fowler. He recently released a second edition. I'm reading it now and can recommend it to anyone. Here's an interview with the autor on that second edition.

Domain Events vs. Event Sourcing
Christian Stettler explains why domain events and event sourcing should not be mixed up.

Oh Dear! is a great alternative to pingdom (sponsored link)
Pingdom only monitores your homepage, Oh Dear! monitores your entire site. Here's a coupon code to get a month of free monitoring. This offers ends when pingdom ends its free plan.

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

Manually create validator responses

Easily share your public key stored on GitHub

Forward calls in a Laravel app

Useful links from the archives

How to send a "trial expiring soon" mail in Laravel Spark
Here's how we automatically send an email to teams on trials that'll expire soon.

Displaying sites that are down on a dashboard using Oh Dear! webhooks
At Spatie we have a dashboard against the wall that displays a lot of information useful for our company. One of the things it shows are the urls of sites that are down. Here's how we leveraged Oh Dear!'s webhooks.

Optimizing colinodell/json5 with Blackfire
Collin O' Dell, member of the PHP League, shares how he was able to significantly improve the performance his json5 package using Blackfire profiling.

Passing data to layouts in Blade through extends
On his blog, Sebastian De Deyne, shares a quick tip on how to pass data to a layout in Laravel.

How I redesigned my blog and moved it from Jekyll to Laravel
Cristopher Rumpel recently launched a big redesign of his blog. In a new post he touches on why he moved away from his old solution.

I’m taking a break from cron.weekly
In the beginning of the year people tend to compile lists with everything they want to achieve in the next 365 days. But sometimes, instead of wanting to do more, it's better to do less.

Where a curly bracket belongs
My colleague Brent has some good thoughts on where to place curly brackets.

PHP-DI 6: turning into a compiled container for maximum performance
In a new post on his blog Matthieu Napoli, creator of PHP-DI, explains how he made v6 much faster.

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