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newsletter #90

Hi, welcome to the 90th newsletter! 


Ignition: a new error page for Laravel
At Laracon EU, Marcel Pociot and I unveiled Ignition, a beautiful new error page for Laravel. It is the new default error screen in Laravel 6 and you can manually install it into Laravel 5 applications. In this blog post, I'd like to tell you all about it.

Flare: an error tracker built for Laravel apps
Marcel also introduced Flare, a new error tracker built for Laravel apps. Our service also works hand in hand with the new error page we've launched.

Continuous Integration with GitHub Actions and Laravel 6
Roberto B wrote a good tutorial on how to test your Laravel 6 application using GitHub actions.

Full Stack Europe: a conference for you entire team (sponsored link)
I'm currently organising Full Stack Europe: a conference in Antwerp, Belgium for developers who want to learn across the stack. You can use this link get your ticket with a nice discount.

Generating speaker cards using Tailwind and Laravel
Here's a cool thing you can do with our Browsershot package.

How to integrate Elasticsearch in your Laravel App
Tony Messias wrote a good post on the Madewithlove blog on how to get started using Elastichsearch in a Laravel app.

You should not run your mail server because mail is hard.
Contrary to the title, Gilles Chehade that it's acutually doable running your own mailserver.

Browser APIs as React Hooks
Via the excellent blog I stumbled on this neat colletion of React hooks.

Small Wins
Some words of wisdom by David Hemphill.

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

A beautiful way to query models chunked

Useful links from the archives

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Reusing domain code

Inside look at modern web browser

Removing jQuery from frontend

Behind the scenes of Oh Dear!

Replacing standard CLI tools with better ones

Magic where methods on Laravel's query builder

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