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newsletter #61

Hi, welcome to the 61th newsletter! 

A package that makes event sourcing in Laravel a breeze ?
I'm currently working on a package that aims to be the easiest way to get started with event sourcing.

The open source department at Spatie is doing overtime
Here's what our team has been working on. The last few weeks we released three new packages.

How to hack and win the May Mayhem blog contest
This blogpost by my colleague Alex wound up winning Taylor Otwell's blog contest (there was no hacking involved).

Vue templates in JSX
My colleague Sebastian has been busy creating some low level Vue components for a client project. For these components he uses JSX.

Keeping your Laravel applications DRY with single action classes
Rémi Collin shares a great approach on where to place code that doesn't really belong in a controller.

Visual Regression Testing with Laravel
Marcel Pociot, the mind behind BotMan, has released a cool package to create visual diff in your PHPUnit tests. 

Oh Dear! - Website monitoring. without the Hassle! (sponsored link)
Oh Dear! can notifiy you when your site is down, when your ssl certificate has problems, when your site has mixed content or broken links and much more!

A good intro intro to event sourcing
At the Devoxx UK conference Michiel Rook gave a good intro talk on Event Sourcing.

What you'll need to build projections
A great post by Barry O Sullivan on what, in my mind, is one of the big advantages of event sourcing: the ability to create projections.

Creating custom @requires annotations for PHPUnit
In an older but still relevant blogpost Matt Stauffer explains how you can extend PHPUnit's native @requires annotation. 

How I Built The LaravelQuiz Chatbot With BotMan and Laravel
Christopher Rumpel created a cool BotMan powered quiz on Laravel take you can take via Telegram.

Serverless Laravel
Matthieu Napoli manages to get Laravel up and running in a serverless environment using his tool Bref.

Introducing React Suspense
At the Zeit conference React core member Andrew Clark showed off an upcoming React feature named Suspense.

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

Easily get a permalink when viewing code on GitHub

Change the keys of a Laravel collection

Killing conditials with Eloquent's firstOr method

Autocomplete custom Iterator and ArrayAccess classes in PhpStorm

Useful links from the archives

The case for singleton objects, façades, and helper functions
Matthias Noback explains the value of singleton objects: when used properly they can make your code more developer friendly.

DHH's opening keynote at RailsConf 2017
Like at most previous editions, DHH delivered a keynote at RailsConf 2017.

TypeScript With Laravel Mix
In a new post on his blog Sebastian De Deyne, multi disciplinary wizard at Spatie, explains how to set up TypeScript in a typical Laravel app.

Using destructuring assignment in for VueJS loops
Ivan Sieder offers a nice tip on how to write better v-for loops in VueJS component templates.

An animation to explain async/await
Here's a little animation made by Wassim Chegham that shows how async/await can clean up your code.

PHP Generics and why we need them
On the blog a new post appeared that explains the benefits of generics with a practical example.

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