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newsletter #60

Hi, welcome to the 60th newsletter! 

Tidy up your tests with class-based model factories
John Bonaccorsi, a developer from Tighten, wrote some good ways of structuring model factories in a Laravel app.

Event sourcing made simple
The team at Kickstarter made a simple, synchronous event sourcing library implemented in Ruby.

Practicing symmetry
In a new video Jason McCreary, the creator of the wonderful Laravel Shift, demonstrates a few good tips to clean up code.

A newsletter about programming, design, and other related topics
My colleague Sebastian started a new side project: a newsletter about programming, design, and other related topics.

Refactoring Vue: cleaning up a list of posts with better component splitting and more ES6
Matt Stauffer shares some interesting refactors suggested by his co-workers on a Vue component he wrote.

PHP Versions Stats - 2018.1 Edition
Like he already did a few times in the past, Composer co-creator Jordi Boggiano published some interesting statistics on PHP version usage as measured…

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

Catching multiple exception types in PHP

Check out these cool callbacks on Eloquent factories

Useful links from the archives

Quickly dd anything from the commandline
This package will let you dump anything on the commandline.

A Vue component to display tabs
Last week my company released a vue-tabs-component, a quality Vue component to easily display tabs.

Conditionally pushing event listeners to queue
Mohammed Said, Laravel employee #1 and diver, explains how you can avoid pushing unnecessary jobs to a queue.

Expressive Code & Real Time Facades
In a new post on his blog Taylor Otwell gives a nice example on how real time facades can make code more testable.

Vue.js component communication patterns
Joshua Bemenderfer gives a nice overview on the ways Vue components can communicate with each other.

Programming with a love of the implicit
DHH explains that there's nothing wrong with a bit a magic.

The List Function & Practical Uses of Array Destructuring in PHP
Sebastian De Deyne wrote a cool blogpost on array destructuring in PHP. Yet another reason to stay up to date with the latest and greatest version of PHP.

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