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newsletter #81

Hi, welcome to the 81th newsletter! 

Laravel event projector v2 has been released
Laravel event projector is a package that aims to be the entry point for event sourcing in Laravel. In this article I'll explain the basics of event sourcing and demonstrate how to use the package.

An important security release for laravel-query-builder
Our laravel-query-builder package exposed a serious security issue: it allowed SQL injection attacks. 

Using Oh Dear! to keep your Varnish cache warm
On the Oh Dear! blog, Mattias Geniar explains how you can use our service to keep your Varnish cache warm.

Don’t forget to be selfish every now and then
A short and sweet article by my colleague Seb.

Unsafe SQL functions in Laravel
My colleague Brent offers some more details on the intricacies of Laravel's query builder.

Slack Is Not Where 'Deep Work' Happens
Personally, when I want to work on something I just turn off all notification on my Mac.

The right way to call assertions in PHPUnit
It's a bit of a click baity title, but reading it I learning that all PHPUnit's asserts have a function equivalent.

Find Segfaults in PHP like a boss
Grégoire Pineau explains how you can find the source of a segfault in PHP.

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

Access related data in Eloquent using an IDE friendly way

Useful links from the archives

Sharing databases between Laravel applications
Michael Dyrynda, co-host of the Laravel News and North Meets South podcasts shares his knowledge on how to handle applications that share one or more databases

Creating custom stream filters in PHP

How to use Laravel with Socket.IO
Most of the UI in my sideproject Oh Dear! is realtime. Because there is a vast amout of events being broadcasted using Pusher would be too expensive.

What PHP can be
My colleague Brent shares some interesting thoughts on which direction PHP could go forward.

Fortrabbit is GDPR ready
On the Fortrabbit blog Frank Lämmer shares which steps his company has taken to be GDPR compliant.

How CircleCI Improved Our Build Time
In a new post on his Medium Blog, maintainer Dries Vints wrote how he managed do drastically improved the build time of the popular forum.

FP vs. OO
In a new post Uncle Bob explains that you shouldn't have to choose between functional programming and object orientation.

How modern SQL databases come up with algorithms that you would have never dreamed of
In an amazing (and funny) talk Lukas Eder demonstrates how powerful SQL (or any 4th generation programming language) really is.

Combing legacy code string by string
Mattias Noback gives some good tips for refactoring legacy code.

Long poll requests with Laravel
In a short video on YouTube allround awesome guy TJ Miller explains how you can easily poll for data to arrive.

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