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newsletter #69

Hi, welcome to the 69th newsletter! 

Introducing Blade X: an easy way to write custom html components in your Blade views
Today we launched our newest package called Blade X. In short this package provides you with an easy html like way to render custom html components.

Introducing Blade X View Models
Right after the release of Blade X we added a very cool feature to it.

Plans for the Next Iteration of Vue.js
In a new blogpost, Evan You, the creator of Vue, outlines the changes and new features coming to the next major release of Vue.

The Five Types of Test Doubles & How to Create Them in PHPUnit
In a new post on her blog Jessica Mauerhan has some good examples on the various types of test doubles.

Introducing Laravel Excel 3.1
Patrick Brouwers is doing an awesome job creating a quality Laravel package to integrate with Excel. The newest version can import Excel files.

Honeybadger for Laravel Nova
Marcel Pociot recently created a Nova tool for Honeybadger. On their blog Marcel gives some interesting details on how it was created.

The Integration Operation Segregation Principle
In a new post on his blog Senior CEO Frederick Vanbrabant explains the Integration Operation Segregation Principle, which is programmerspeak for splitting code up in nice small and testable parts.

Programming Sucks

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

A controller doesn't have to extend anything

Misconceptions about HTTP caching

Useful links from the archives

Handling Stripe webhooks in a Laravel application
In the project I'm currently working on I had to integrate Stripe webhooks. Because I didn't want anyone else ever having to do the same work, I packaged up my solution.

Partitioning for concurrency in synchronous business processes
On his blog Frank De Jonge, member of the PHP League and creator of Flysystem, explains a cool pragmatic solution how to ensure queued processes run in the right order.

Real-time insights powered by reactive programming
In this talk Jay Phelps, an engineer at Netflix, explains how Netflix using reactive programming to visualise a large stream of events.

Handling Stripe payments in Laravel
Povilas Korop, creator of Laravel Daily and Quick Admin Panel, wrote an extensive guide on how to integrate Stripe into a Laravel application.

Nordic.js 2017 videos have been released
Like the name implies Nordic.js is a conference that focuses on JavaScript. The organisers recently released all videos of the 2017 edition.

Essential image optimization
Addy Osmani, a Google Chrome engineer, recently published a e-book on image optimization. 

Asynchronous stack traces: why await beats .then()
On his blog Mathias Bynens explains the differences under the hood between async/await and vanilla promises.

Quickly build a single event sourced feature built with Elixir
In a short video posted on YouTube, Shawn McCool explains how you can quickly build an event sourced feature with Commanded.

Deep dive into Electron’s main and renderer processes
In a post on his Medium blog Cameron Nokes explains the two most important processes in any Electron app: the main process and the renderer process.

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