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newsletter #86

Hi, welcome to the 86th newsletter! 

Sending and receiving webhooks in Laravel apps
A webhook is a mechanism where an application can notify an other application that something has happened. Technically, the application sends an HTTP request to that other application. In this blog post, I'd like to introduce you to two packages that we recently released. 

Improving assertions on Laravel fakes
Laravel has some cool fakes that can help you with testing your code. In this short blog post, I'd like to show you a little tip on how to get better feedback when a test that contains such a fake fails.

Typed properties in PHP
Brent wrote another nice post on PHP. This time on the upcoming typed hints feature of PHP 7.4.

PHP Versions Stats - 2019.1 Edition
Jordi Boggiano published a new round up of stats.

Forget about component lifecycles and start thinking in effects
In a new blogpost, my colleague Seb explains why you should and how you can use useEffect.

Laravel Blade Helpers
Liam Hammett created a cool package to easily create Blade Helpers in Laravel.

A Look At PHP’s isset()
Liam also wrote this blogpost on the isset language construct.

Typed Properties and more: what’s coming in PHP 7.4?
At the PHP Russia conference, Nikita Popov presented all the nice changes coming to PHP 7.4.

Vue's Darkest Day
Daniel Elkington comments on the reactions to an important RFC that adds function-based components to Vue.

Nobody really owns product work
A nice insight by Basecamp engineer Jonas Downey.

Timelapse of the future
An amazing video on the fate of our universe.

Useful links from the archives

Breaking Laravel's firstOrCreate using race conditions

Using anonymous classes as private classes

How to build a cookieless Laravel app

Lambda To The Rescue: Recursion

How to compile an unreleased PHP feature

Thoughts on PHP 8

Using EditorConfig
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