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newsletter #64

Hi, welcome to the 64th newsletter! 

A short introduction to laravel-event-projector
The last few months I've been working on a package called laravel-event-projector. This video gives you a quick tour about the ideas behind the package.

How to rid your database of PHP class names in Eloquent's Polymorphic tables
Joseph Silber, a very active Laravel contributor, has written a new blogpost on morph maps, a feature to decouple your database from your model class names.

Bringing Symfony's Var-Dump Server to Laravel
Marcel Pociot created another great package. laravel-dump-server will transmit all output of dump calls to another port on your system.

A few helpful gems tucked away in Laravel Eloquent
Andrew Schmelyun collected some cool Eloquent niceties.

Using Laravel Mailables and Notifications as Event Listeners
In an older post on his blog Mohammed Said, Laravel Employee #1, shares a cool trick on how to avoid having to create an event listener.

Learn real-world Vue.js with The Vue.js Master Class (sponsored link)
Learn Vue.js by building a real-world application from scratch with Alex Kyriakidis, Vue.js core-team member and author of the bestselling book The Majesty of Vue.js

Benchmarks on sorting and serializing associative arrays vs classes in PHP
Larry Garfield, director of developer experience at, published some interesting numbers on arrays vs classes.

Spot, a little grep-like user friendly search utility
Last week I stumbled upon this little search utility called Spot, by Guillermo Rauch of Zeit.

A modern text-based web browser in your terminal
Browsh is a small browser that you can run inside your terminal. If you don't want to install it locally, you can test is out by ssh'ing to it. 

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

Align code better using Eloquent's `query` method

Some handy Carbon constants

Easily generate uuids in Laravel

Open whoops links directly in your IDE of choice

Useful links from the archives

Easily convert webpages to images using PHP
Browsershot is a package that can easily convert any webpage into a image. Under the hood the conversion is made possible new headless options in Google Chrome.

A list of podcasts
On his blog Left On The Web, Stefan Koopmanschap lists the podcasts he's listening to. His selection contains both tech and non-tech podcasts.

Easily optimize images using PHP (and some binaries)
Our recently released image-optimizer package can shave off some kilobyes of PNGs, JPGs, SVGs and GIFs by running them through a chain of various image compressors.

A programmer's cognitive load
Brent Roose wrote down his thoughts around how things like fonts, spacing, docblock, ... can influence the cognitive load of a programmer.

HTTP Tools Roundup
Curl is not your only tool when creating or testing out APIs. On her blog Lorna Jane Mitchell made a nice list of alternatives.

Typehint all the things
David Négrier, CTO of the CodingMachine, wrote a nice article on why he likes and how his team uses typehints.

Improving the output of PHPUnit
Let's have a little fun! Yitzchok Willroth, better know as Coderabbi, created a new package that can improve the output of PHPUnit. 

Good Product Team / Bad Product Team
Marty Cagan, who held jobs at eBay, AOL, Netscape and HP, describes the most important differences between good and bad product teams.

Combining query scopes with explicit model names

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