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newsletter #87

Hi, welcome to the 87th newsletter! 

How to handle front-end authorization using Laravel, Inertia and TypeScript
Currently I'm working on a big project that uses Inertia, React and TypeScript. In this blog post, I won't cover those things in detail, but I'd like to show you have we, using those technologies, pass authorization (and routes) to the front-end.

Verify that your site is still online after a deploy
At the Oh Dear blog, my colleague Mattias explains how to use our service to verify that your site is still online after a deploy.

Going serverless with Hugo and Netlify
We recently moved our documentation site to Netlify. In this blogpost I explain why and how we did this.

Get a discount on your ticket for the Full Stack Europe conference (sponsored link)
I'm currently organising Full Stack Europe. It's a conference in Antwerp, Belgium for developers who want to learn across the stack. Step out of your comfort zone and improve not only your existing skills, but learn new ones as well. You can use this link get your ticket with a nice discount.

Adding webmentions to my blog
A few weeks ago, my colleague Seb added webmentions to his blog.

Creating encrypted backups of Laravel apps
Simon Kollross explains how to use our laravel-backup package to create an encrypted backup of your Laravel based app.

Avoid indirection in code for human readability
Matthew Rocklin reminds us that sometimes you shouldn't extract code.

Advanced internationalization system for Vuex
Nicolas Beauvais wrote a nice blogpost on how he went about adding support for internationalization to his app.

Patterns Are Not Defined by Their Implementation
Some wise words by Mathias Verraes

Start testing your Laravel applications
Jason McCreary wrote an epic blogpost on how to get started with tests in a Laravel app. I wish I could have read this when I started out with testing.

The case of the Laravel TestCase
Tim MacDonald, a freelance software developer based in Sydney, investigates how to make Laravel tests run faster. Turns out you a lot can be gained by caching the config.

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

Consider using JSON.parse

Replace boolean flags with nullable timestamps

Understanding Eloquent

Useful links from the archives

Spot, a little grep-like user friendly search utility

Benchmarks on sorting and serializing associative arrays vs classes in PHP

Larry Garfield, director of developer experience at, published some interesting numbers on arrays vs classes.

Using Laravel Mailables and Notifications as Event Listeners

In an older post on his blog Mohammed Said, Laravel Employee #1, shares a cool trick on how to avoid having to create an event listener.

A few helpful gems tucked away in Laravel Eloquent

How to rid your database of PHP class names in Eloquent's Polymorphic tables
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