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newsletter #66

Here are some links you might find interesting!

Announcing the Full Stack Europe conference
The past few months my buddy Dries and I have been preparing a brand new conference called Full Stack Europe. The conference will take place in the beautiful city of Antwerp, somewhere in 2019.

The Everybody Poops Rule
Ross Tuck makes the case that not all code is equal.

Introducing our Laravel Nova packages
We released our first Nova packages. More are on the way!

What’s New in PHP 7.3
The people at Kinsta published a nice overview of all changes coming to PHP 7.3 which will be released in December.

Honeybadger Loves Laravel Developers ❤️(sponsored link)
Hey Laravel friends! 1000s of Ruby developers know and love Honeybadger. We recently attended our first Laracon, though, and OMG, you are all awesome. Naturally, we're rebuilding Honeybadger from scratch, just for you. Learn more here.

The origin story of Laravel Nova
Dads in Dev is a podcast run by Andrew Del Prete and Nova co-creator David Hemphill. Their latest episode contains some interesting tidbits on the creation of Nova.

Improving our Laravel Nova CRM
Nick Basile, UX instructor at Lambda school, has written a good practical tutorial on creating custom Nova actions.

The Laracon US videos have been released
Laracon US was held in July 2018 at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. I had the pleasure of speaking at the conference. Here are all the videos.

Mo' models mo' problems
My collegue Seb wrote another excellent blogpost. In this one he explains why you should and how you can create an explicit Vue component API.

Laravel by the numbers
Laravel Shift is a service that can help upgrade a Laravel app. The creator of the service, Jason McCreary, published some interesting statistics on the Laravel apps that were upgraded by the service.

An Alfred workflow to search the Laravel docs
Till Krüss released a cool Alfred workflow to easily search the docs. 

Eloquent MySQL views
Brent explains how you can easily work with MySQL views in Laravel.

Leaders, stop being so nice all the time
On Basecamp's Signal v. Noise blog Claire Lew warns about the dangers of wanting to be nice all the time.

Why your form only needs one name field
Here are some good reasons why you shouldn't use a first name and last name field.

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

Easily get the value of the first result in a query

Magic where methods on Laravel's query builder

Cleaner Vue binding events on links

Useful links from the archives

An interview with Jef, Spatie's account manager
My colleague Jef, who handles accounts at Spatie, recently was interviewed by Viraj Khatavkar. 

Getting started with laravel-medialibrary: a video tutorial
laravel-medialibrary is probably one of our most powerful packages. In this video you'll get a quick introduction to what it can do.

Theme-based views in Laravel using vendor namespaces
At Spatie, we're building a multi-tenant app. Seb figured out a great way to handle theme based views.

gtop: a system monitoring dashboard for terminal
To view some real time statistics of your server you use top or htop. But there's a new new kid on the block: gtop. It looks pretty nice.…

Generating IDE Stubs for IonCube-Encoded Classes
Here's a great story by Collin O'Dell, maintainer of league/commonmark amongst other things, on how he was able to extract class definitions.

Understanding Laravel Pipelines
Jeff Ochoa wrote a nice walkthrough of one of Laravels lesser known functionalities: pipelines.

The dangers of mutable datetime objects
Jeff Madsen wrote down a good piece that explains how mutable Carbon dates can lead to some nasty bugs.

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