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newsletter #73

Hi, welcome to the 73th newsletter! 

Configuring PhpStorms code generation
I've been using PhpStorm for quite some time now, but never took the effort to fix a few minor annoyances I had with it. Let's do that now!

Introducing laravel-websockets, an easy to use WebSocket server implemented in PHP
laravel-websockets is a Laravel package that can handle the server side of WebSockets entirely. 

Dynamic relationships in Laravel using subqueries
Jonathan Reininck wrote a cool article on how you can create dynamic releationships. This technique will keep the number of queries and the memory used.

Oh Dear! monitors your entire website, not just the homepage. (sponsored link)
Oh Dear! can notifiy you when your site is down, your certificate will expire. It'll also let you know what a site contains a broken llink or some mixed content.

Introducing Scout Extended
Last month at the Laravel PHP Paris meetup, Nuno Maduro introduced his newest package called Scout Extended.

? Four years of ?
4 years ago I started this blog as a tool to share interesting blogposts I found around the web. Here are some interesting stats.

Giving collections a voice
Tim MacDonald demonstrates how you can add logic to a custom collection.

Highlighting code blocks with league/commonmark
My colleague Seb wrote a cool package that adds tags and classes to code blocks in html, so they can be highlighted with css.

Global Application Settings in Laravel
In a post on Laravel News, Tim MacDonald shares how you can use our valuestore package to power a settings function.

How to backup your app and database to Google Drive
Dennis Smink wrote a nice post on how you can use our backup package to backup your application to Google Drive. 

Asynchronous hamburgers
At this years dot js conference, Joost Lubach gave an incredible lightning talk on various sync and async concepts.

Transitioning from laravel-echo-server to laravel-websockets
Here's how Mattias Geniar swapped out laravel-echo-server in favor of laravel-websockets at Oh Dear!

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

Mapping Eloquent events to your own event classes

Customizing the auth scaffold in Laravel

Implementing the change-password-url spec in Laravel

Useful links from the archives turns three
Three years ago I started this blog to share my bookmarks and interesting links with fellow developers. 

Symfony now has an improved dump function
Here's a cool details about Symfony's dump function

An approach to testing middleware
Laravel rockstar TJ Miller posted a short and sweet post how how he tested a middleware that forces requests to respond with JSON.

Native HTML5 form validation in 6 lines of code
Dave Rupert, lead developer at Paravel, shows how you can leverage native form validation and still style your errors using only a couple of lines of code.

A collection of Tailwind components
Tailwind CSS is a kick-ass utility first CSS framework. Though the documentation contains some nice examples, you might want to some more examples. Here you go!

Atomic commits: telling stories with Git
Frederick Vanbrabant published another delirious rant on his blog. This time it's about atomic commits.

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