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newsletter #49

Hi, welcome to the 49th newsletter! 

On migrating my blog from WordPress to a Laravel application
Regular visitors will have noticed that my blog got a new coat of paint. Discover what steps I took to migrate the blog from WordPress to Laravel. And hey, I opensourced it too!

Reducing the size of a css file
PurgeCSS is a tool that can reduce the filesize of a CSS file. It does this by removing any css classes that are not used. 

A package to use optimised UUIDs in Laravel
Using regular UUIDs stored as a text-based primary key is very slow. Our newly released package spatie/laravel-binary-uuid aims to solve that problem.

? turns three ?
Three years ago I started my blog to share my bookmarks and interesting links with fellow developers. Here are some statistics of the past year.

Anatomy of a PHP Hack
Aaron Saray recently found some rogue code on a hacked website and investigated what it actually does.

Shorthand comparisons in PHP
My colleague Brent published a new blogpost on how the ternary and null coalescing operators work in PHP.

How to Read Big Files with PHP (Without Killing Your Server)
In a new blogpost published at Sitepoint, Christopher Pitt explores the various ways you can handle reading big files in PHP.

An approach to testing middleware
Laravel rockstar TJ Miller posted a short and sweet post how how he tested a middleware that forces requests to respond with JSON.

CI For Laravel (sponored link)
This service will run tests automatically on every push and automatically deploy your project through Envoyer/Forge if the testsuite passes.

The Cost Of JavaScript
Probably you know that that keeping the disk & transfer size of a JavaScript file low is pretty important. But have you considered the time needed to parse and compile the code?

Native HTML5 form validation in 6 lines of code
Dave Rupert, lead developer at Paravel, shows how you can leverage native form validation and still style your errors using only a couple of lines of JavaScript.

A collection of Tailwind components
Tailwind CSS is a kick-ass utility first CSS framework. Though the documentation contains some nice samples, you might want to review some more examples.

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

Anonymous classes in PHP 7 are perfect for small inline view models

Easily download files from cloud storage in a Laravel app

Copying objects in Chrome DevTools

Useful links from the archives

An uptime and ssl certificate monitor written in PHP
Today we released our newest package: a powerful, easy to configure uptime monitor. 

Get the weather report in your terminal
Here's something fun, you can get a weather report right in your terminal.

Using our superpowers for good
An excellent talk by Eryn O’Neil that underlines the fact that the code we write should be as humane, warm, emphatic and thoughtful as we ourselves should be.

Configuring and using Xdebug locally in PhpStorm
Pedro Sanchez wrote a good guide on how to get started with Xdebug in PhpStorm.

Clean up your Vue modules with ES6 Arrow Functions
On the .dev blog Jacob Bennett shared some nice refactorings using arrow functions.

How I refactor to collections
Christopher Rumpel posted some good practical examples on how to refactor common loops to collections.

No Time for a Taxicab
Gary Hockin posted a video with his attempt in solving the Day 1 challenge of

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