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newsletter #74

Hi, welcome to the 74th newsletter! 

Handcrafting mocks
In an application I was working on I wanted to implement automated tweets. Of course, this logic should also be tested. In this blogpost I'd like to show you how you can handcraft your own mocks.

A recap of 2018
A  lot of awesome people have written a recap post of last year. Here's mine! 

Preventing spam submitted through forms
When adding a form to a public site, there's a risk that spam bots will try to submit it with fake values. Here's a package that tries to detect spammy submissions.

laravel-backup v6 has been released
laravel-backup is a Laravel package that can backup your application. The new version contains a nice new feature and all tests have been rewritten.

How To Install PHP 7.3
Want to upgrade to the PHP release? Here are some instructions written down by Colin O' Dell.

New in PHP 7.4
PHP 7.4, which will be released around December 2019, will bring a couple of nice features such as typed properties, preloading, ...

Online-course: Eloquent Expert Level (sponsored link)
You can save a lot of time by knowing shortcuts to Eloquent. Find out less-known features and Model properties, effective ways to query data, work with Relationships, Collections and additional useful packages - all in this 4-hour video course.

Our GitLab CI pipeline for Laravel applications
Over at the Oh Dear! blog, my buddy Mattias described how we use Gitlab CI to test our app.

Presentation skills for programmers
In this fantastic talk given at the uncon of Laracon EU 2018, Chris Brown gives many actionable tips for aspiring and experienced speakers.

Laravel Core Adventures
Christopher Rumpel launched a new video series on how Laravel works on the hood.

React Hooks: Array Destructuring Fundamentals
Kent C. Dodds wrote a cool post how an upcoming React feature, called Hooks, works on the hood.

Using GraphQL with Laravel and Vue
In this video tutorial Andre Madarang gives a clear intro in how to use GraphQL in a Laravel app. The packages he uses are Lighthouse and vue-appolo.

The Laracon Online 2018 videos have been released
Laracon Online 2018 was held last year in February. It featured cool talks by Chris Fidao, Wes Bos and of course Laravel creator Taylor Otwell.

Tips to Speed up Your Phpunit Tests
On the Laravel News blog, Tim MacDonald wrote a nice collection of tips on how to make PHPUnit tests run faster.

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

Get the exit code in a series of pipes in Bash

Swapping variables using array destructuring

A middleware to allow long requests

Useful links from the archives

Handling CORS in a Laravel application
Recently we released laravel-cors. This package can add the necessary CORS headers of your Laravel app.

How to send a "trial expiring soon" mail in Laravel Spark
If you're creating a Laravel Spark app with trial periods enabled, here's a way to inform your users that their trial is ending soon.

I’m harvesting credit card numbers and passwords from your site. Here’s how.
In an article at Hackernoon, David Gilbertson warns about the dangers of trusting 3rd party packages on npm. 

Deploy your Laravel Forge sites with your voice
Marcel Pociot, creator of the BotMan framework, explains how you can leverage Alexa, BotMan and Laravel Forge to deploy sites with your voice.

Optimizing colinodell/json5 with Blackfire
Collin O' Dell, member of the PHP League, shares how he was able to significantly improve the performance his json5 package using Blackfire profiling.

Passing data to layouts in Blade through extends
On his blog, Sebastian De Deyne, shares a quick tip on how to pass data to a layout in Laravel.

How I redesigned my blog and moved it from Jekyll to Laravel
Cristopher Rumpel recently launched a big redesign of his blog. 

Oh Dear! Website and SSL Monitoring Application Is Now Live
Together with Mattias I've been working on Oh Dear! for the last couple months. We launched it last week.

Where a curly bracket belongs
My colleague Brent has some good thoughts on where to place curly brackets.

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