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newsletter #58

Hi, welcome to the 58th newsletter! 

Sharing databases between Laravel applications
Michael Dyrynda, co-host of the Laravel News and North Meets South podcasts shares his knowledge on how to handle applications that share one or more databases.

Examples of everything new in ECMAScript 2016, 2017, and 2018
JavaScript just gets better and better.

Creating custom stream filters in PHP
Learn how to make use of this powerful PHP feature.

How to use Laravel with Socket.IO
Most of the UI in my sideproject Oh Dear! is realtime. Because there is a vast amout of events being broadcasted using Pusher would be too expensive. Socket.IO is an excellent alternative.

What PHP can be
My colleague Brent shares some interesting thoughts on which direction PHP could go forward.

Fortrabbit is GDPR ready
On the Fortrabbit blog Frank Lämmer shares which steps his company has taken to be GDPR compliant.

How CircleCI Improved Our Build Time
In a new post on his Medium Blog, maintainer Dries Vints wrote how he managed do drastically improved the build time of the popular forum.

FP vs. OO
In a new post Uncle Bob explains that you shouldn't have to choose between functional programming and object orientation.

How modern SQL databases come up with algorithms that you would have never dreamed of
In an amazing (and funny) talk Lukas Eder demonstrates how powerful SQL (or any 4th generation programming language) really is.

Combing legacy code string by string
Mattias Noback gives some good tips for refactoring legacy code.

Useful links from the archives

Stay up to speed with PHP by reading these feeds

A conversation on laravel-html

A package for snapshot testing in PHPUnit
My colleague Sebastian recently released a new package called phpunit-snapshot-assertions. In a new post on his blog he tells all about it.

Tweaking Eloquent relations – how to get latest related model?
Jarek Tkaczyk demonstrates how you can use a helper relation to eager load specific models.

Free Wildcard SSL Using Forge + Cloudflare
If you need a free SSL certificate Let's Encrypt seems like the obvious way to go. But you could also use a Cloudflare certificate.

PHP UK Conference 2017 videos have been released
PHP Uk Conference is an excellent conference where I had the pleasure of speaking this year. All sessions were recorded. 

Building a desktop application with Electron
Electron is a library that enables you to create desktop apps with JavaScript, Html and css.

$PHP = ????;
Simon Yousoufov argues that PHP is going the way of the dodo.

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