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newsletter #54

Hi, welcome to the 54th newsletter! 

A package to assign statuses to Eloquent models
This new package lets you easily add a status history to Eloquent models.

Using Content Security Policy headers in a Laravel app
We've been busy at Spatie and created another new package. This one will set CSP headers in a Laravel app.

Inside the browser's event loop
In a terrific talk given at JS.Conf Asia, Jake Archibald, developer advocate at Google, explains what's going on in the event loop of the browser. - Provision and Deploy Laravel Applications (sponsored link)
Build, provision, deploy and manage your applications easily, all on your own servers.

Setting up Laravel Horizon with Forge and Envoyer
Dries Vints, maintainer of, posted a step-by-step guide on how to get started with Laravel Horizon on a Forge provisioned server.

Extended validation is broken
In a new article on his blog Ian Carroll shows that it's quite easy to trick users into thinking that they're connected to the right site.

A new innovative tool to monitor your websites
On his popular blog Mattias Geniar wrote a rundown of the features of Oh Dear!

Regaining trust in your test suite with Docker
Frank de Jonge, creator and maintainer of Flysystem, recently started using Docker to test the FTP driver. On his blog he explains the why and how.

A new security header: Referrer Policy
Almost a year ago, Scott Helme, creator of and, wrote a blogpost on a not well known http header: Referrer-Policy.

The Laravel Companion: 2nd Edition (sponsored link)
Take 33% off and expand your knowledge of The Laravel Framework with the Laravel Companion: 2nd Edition. Learn about helpers, collections, and more!

A pair of helping hands when naming things
In a new post on his blog Sebastian De Deyne shares a few services and tools he uses to help him with naming things.

Enabling PHP method chaining with a makeshift pipe operator
Sebastiaan Luca, a freelance Laravel developer from Antwerp, coded up a couple of functions that mimic a pipe operator.

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

Making sure multiple keys of an array are set

Validating data using closures in Laravel

Use the same controller to serve multiple formats

Use tap() in lodash chains for a window into your transformations

Useful links from the archives

Packages that make developing Laravel apps easier
In this post I'd like to share some of the packages that make developing a Laravel app easier.

Laravel's tap helper function explained
A little known helper function, called tap was added to Laravel 5.3. In this short post I'll explain how this function can be used.

Understanding Laravel's macroable trait
Nicola Malizia wrote a short blog post on how Laravel's handy Macroable trait can be used and how it works under the hood.

Getting started with Varnish Cache
If you want to learn Varnish Thijs Feryn wrote a book for you. It's free to download until 7th March 2017.

Wes bos' web course platform tech stack
In the video below Wes Bos gives a tour of the tech stack of his home grown platform on which he sells and publishes his video courses.

Environment variables, config caching, and Laravel
In a short blogpost Michael Dyrynda gives some good advice on why you should cache your routes and config values.

A Laravel package to impersonate users
A great feature of Laravel Spark is it's ability to impersonate other users. With this package you can bring that behaviour to your Laravel app.

Glossary of Modern JavaScript Concepts
Don't know what the difference between stateful and stateless is, or what higher order functions are? Here's a glossary to explain it all.

How to organize a meetup
On his blog Jef Claes, organiser of DDDBE, shares some good tips on how to organize a meetup.

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