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newsletter #56

Hi, welcome to the 56th newsletter! 

laravel-medialibrary v7 has been released ?
laravel-medialibrary is a powerful package that can help handle media in a Laravel application. This new release has support for responsive images.

Server side rendering JavaScript from PHP
My colleague Seb did some amazing work with the creation of two packages that make it easy to get started with server side rendering in PHP. 

LaraTalent - Cherry-pick from the best jobs in PHP (sponsored link)
LaraTalent is a reverse job board featuring the best PHP devs to top companies.

Nothing is Something
Here's a video of a great talk by Sandi Metz she gave at RailConf 2015.

Laravel Excel — Lessons Learned
Last week Laravel Excel v3 was released. In a post on his company blog Patrick Brouwers writes the story of why and how v3 was released.

First Experiences with Symfony 4 & the Symfony Community
Getting to know another framework and community can be a daunting task. But in case of Symfony it proves not to be that hard. 

Separate Interactive Test Suites
If you find yourself having a bunch of slow tests that don't need to execute every time you run the tests, take a look at PHPUnit's defaultTestSuite option.

Renderless Components in Vue.js
At this year's Laracon Online Adam Wathan gave a fantastic talk on creating reusable view components.

Uploading avatar Images with Spatie’s medialibrary
Over at Laravel News Povilas Korop wrote a nice tutorial on how to use our medialibrary.

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

Prevent changing timestamps on save

Customizing relations on models

Useful links from the archives

An easy way to validate front end forms using back end logic
Imagine you're building an single page application that has a couple of forms. How are you going to validate those forms? 

How agencies & freelancers should do web hosting
Andrew Welch of the New York based agency nystudio107 wrote a good overview of the options agencies & freelancers have regarding hosting.

10 Lodash Features You Can Replace with ES6
In the JavaScript world Lodash is a pretty popular and awesome package with lots of handy array, collection and object methods. 

A collection of vue.js components
For a client project I've been doing some vue.js lately and I just love it.

Closure Binding as an alternative to “use” variables
On his blog Mark Baker shares some thoughts on how to use closure binding to avoid having import variables with the use keyword.

Understanding Laravel’s HighOrder Collections
One of my favourite features that was introduced in Laravel 5.4 are the higher order collection functions.

Working With PHPUnit and PhpStorm
On the JetBrains blog Gary Hockin explains how to easily run a single PHPUnit test.

Visualizing PHPUnit Tests
In an article on the site explains in detail how he made a nice visualization of unit test results.

How we improved our PWA score by 53 points in 4 hours
On the madewithlove blog Frederick Vanbrabant wrote a post on how he and colleague improved the PWA score of their company site.

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