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newsletter #67

Hi, welcome to the 67th newsletter! 

Behind the scenes of Oh Dear!
In a post on IndieHackers my buddy Mattias Geniar shares the backstory behind our SaaS called Oh Dear!. He touches upon how we started out, how we use the cool stuff in the Laravel ecosystem, how we try to grow the service, what are future goals are and much more!

Replacing standard CLI tools with better ones
Remy Sharp, a well known JavaScript developer, published a cool list of standard CLI tools replacements.

Reusing domain code
Here's another excellent post by Matthias Noback.

Don’t clone your php objects, DeepCopy them
Daniel Gomes, a developer at Teamleader, explains a potential problem when cloning object in PHP.

Honeybadger Loves Laravel Developers ❤️(sponsored link)
Hey Laravel friends! 1000s of Ruby developers know and love Honeybadger. We recently attended our first Laracon, though, and OMG, you are all awesome. Naturally, we're rebuilding Honeybadger from scratch, just for you. Learn more here.

Bitmask Constant Arguments in PHP
Liam Hammett explains what bitmask constants are and how they work.

Inside look at modern web browser
Mariko Kosaka, an engineer at Google, started a beautifully illustrated series on how Chrome works behind the scenes.

Removing jQuery from frontend
A couple of weeks ago GitHub removed the last usages of jQuery in their front end code. On their engineering blog that share why and how they removed it.

The Solo JavaScript Developer Challenging Google and Facebook published a interesting piece on Even You and Vue. It also contains some quotes by Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel.

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly sharing some awesome code, tricks and tips!

Inspecting hovered things in the devtools

Customizing Laravel's email verification notification

Self-executing memorization functions in JavaScript

OCR in your terminal

Using headers and cookies when using file_get_contents

Useful links from the archives

Unit testing Vue.js components with the official Vue testing tools and Jest
An official toolset for testing Vue components will be released soon. In a new series Jover Morales tells you all about it.

The dangers of mutable datetime objects
Jeff Madsen wrote down a good piece that explains how mutable Carbon dates can lead to some nasty bugs.

Build a Facebook Messenger chatbot in Laravel
In a new article on his blog, Christoph Rumpel shows how you can easily set up a Facebook Messenger chatbot using the shiny new v2 of Botman Studio.

Extending models in Eloquent
Caleb Porzio, co-presenter of the Twenty Percent Time podcast, published a new article on the Tightenco blog. This time he guides us through a nice use case for extending Eloquent models.

6 tips that will improve your typography on your UI
Steve Schoger, a well known designer in the Laravel community, wrote down some good, actionable tips to improve your typography.

Formatting Vue component properties in PHPStorm
Most of work is done in PHPStorm. On my current project I do a lot of Vue stuff. Regularly use PHPStorm auto format feature to make the code look better.

Who uses PHP (and Laravel) anyway?
Colin DeCarlo, a developer at Vehikl, wrote some thoughts on why PHP has a bad reputation in some circles.

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