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newsletter #57

Hi, welcome to the 57th newsletter! 

Doing less
Last week I stumbled upon this article titled "GitLabbers share how to recognize burnout". I recognized some of the symptoms and decided to do something about it.

Building a sortable component with Vue.js
Adam Wathan recently livestreamed how he built a renderless sortable component around Shopify's draggable library.

PHPStorm tips for power users
My colleague Brent, PHPStorm's biggest supporter, wrote another nice blogpost about his favourite IDE.

Get a Free Sample Chapter of "Build Chatbots with PHP" Now (sponsored link)
Chatbots provide new communication channels and will change how we communicate with brands and products. In my upcoming book "Build Chatbots with PHP" I will tell you everything you need to know to plan, build and deploy chatbots in PHP and Laravel as well.

Project from Hell
Project failures is a WordPress blog with horror stories of project that have terribly gone wrong.

Why is everybody wearing headphones?
Andreas Creten, co-founder of madewithlove, wrote a good blogpost about a few aspects of their company culture. is the new
For years I've used Google's public DNS service. It's famous IP address is It's a resolves addresses faster that my internet provider. But now CloudFlare comes with a new offering.

Videos of PHP UK Conference 2018 have been released
PHP UK Conference is a fantastic event that I had the pleasure of visiting these past three years. Last week the organisers released videos of all sessions.

Building Blocks
Steven Vandevelde wrote a beautifully illustrated post on some cool functional concepts.

Heres how React's new context API works
Wes Bos, one of the best online teachers around, published a new video where he explains what the React's new context API entails and how you can use it.

Certificate Transparency, an introduction
Scott Helme, creator of, wrote a good introduction to certificate transparency.

Learn to create an RSS Feed from scratch in Laravel
Over at Laravel News Paul Redmond, author of Docker for PHP developers, wrote a good post on how to use our RSS package.

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

Show Horizon metrics somewhere else

Handy testing macro for getting data from views

Useful links from the archives

A Laravel package to quickly dump and load the database
Last week our team released a new package called laravel-db-snapshots.

Make git work better with GitHub
A few months ago I installed a command line utility called hub. I'm really fond of it.

Sharing Data in a Laravel/Vue Application
There are multiple good ways to pass data from Laravel to Vue. In a new blogpost Jesse Schutt covers all the options.

Stack Overflow's Developer Survey results
Every year Stack Overflow runs as survey where they asks their users about their favourite tools, languages, etc...

Comparing Vue with other frameworks
Recently I stumbled upon a page in the VueJs docs where Vue is compared against all other similar frameworks. 

Creating strictly typed arrays and collections in PHP
You might thing that PHP is not able to automatically perform a type check on items in an array. But using variadic constructor this is possible.

Six reasons why JavaScript’s async/await blows promises away
In the JavaScript world promises are a great way to deal with stuff that needs to happen asynchronously. But there's also another new way to go about it.

How to set up your Laravel application for zero-downtime deploys
On his blog Matt Stauffer published a new post explaining the steps required to deploy your app without any downtime.

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