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newsletter #50

Hi, welcome to the 50th newsletter! This will be the last edition of 2017. After that the newsletter will take a little break and will be back mid january 2018.

? Happy holidays! ?

Symfony now has an improved dump function
In recent versions of symfony the dump function got a little better.

Laravel-medialibrary v7 preview: multi file downloads
laravel-medialibrary is a powerhouse package that can help handle media in a Laravel application. Here's already a small preview of what you can expect in the next major version.

My VS Code Setup
In an absolutely fantastic post Caleb Porzio, engineer at Tighten Co., goes through his VS Code setup. 

Installing PHP 7.2
PHP 7.2 was released recenlty released. Here's how to install it on various OSes

Symfony 4: New Hope
In an article on his Medium blog, Jerzy Zawadzki wrote about the most important changes made in Symfony 4.

Atomic commits: telling stories with Git
Frederick Vanbrabant published another delirious rant on his blog. This time it's about atomic commits.

Organizing code into domain modules
In a new post to his site Mathieu Napoli makes the case for organising your code based on it's function rather than it's type.

24 Days in December: thoughts of the PHPamily
24 days in december is a site where every day, from start of December until Christmas, a new post by someone in the wide PHP community is published.

Create custom, distributable web components with VueJS
Marcel Pociot, author of the excellent BotMan package, published a post on how he used Custom Elements for VueJS to power a widget that users can install on their site.

Understand JavaScript's this Keyword in Depth
Marius Schulz created a free Egghead course where he explains how JavaScript this keyword behaves in various contexts.

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

Symmetry is a hallmark of clean code

Selecting the entire variable in VS Code

Run multiple processes concurrently with async/await

Useful links from the archives

Improving the performance of our PHP based crawler

Upgrading to PHP 7.1 is easy

A package to fluently generate markup

An easy to install uptime monitor

Some request filtering macros

The delicious evils of PHP

How to automate projects using composer scripts

A developer friendly wrapper around Fractal

Why you should be giving your developers 20% time

Human Readable AJAX Requests

Scaling Laravel Using AWS Elastic Beanstalk

An introduction to functional programming

Introducing Private Packagist

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