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newsletter #59

Hi, welcome to the 59th newsletter! 

Automatically close stale issues and pull requests
At Spatie we introduced at bot that takes care of stale issues and PRs. Here's the code!

What's new and changing in PHP 7.3
Ayesh Karunaratne made a good summary of the new stuff coming in PHP 7.3 which will be released by the end of the year.

Long poll requests with Laravel
In a short video on YouTube allround awesome guy TJ Miller explains how you can easily poll for data to arrive.

Monitor uptime, certicates, broken links and mixed content with Oh Dear! (sponsored link)
This is probably the best service to keep an eye on your site. I might be biased. With this coupon code you get a 60% discount on your first month: OHDEAR-LOVES-MURZE-BE

Migrate your local PHP 7.2 setup to Homebrew v1.5.*
Recently Homebrew reorganised some PHP stuff. Here's how to convert your old stuff to the new way of doing things.

Make a clear distinction between different layers of validation
In an older, but still very interesting article, Mattias Verraes has some interesting thoughts on form, command and model validation.

Array destructuring in PHP
Frank de Jonge, author of the great EventSauce and Flysytem packages, wrote a blopost on how to use array destructuring in PHP.

The Future of Programming
Here's an amazing talk by "Uncle" Bob Martin where he gives an amazing overview of the history of programming and where he thinks it's going. The perfect project management tool built for PHP developers (sponsored link) is an intuitive software development tool designed to simplify your workflow. Manage frameworks and applications, plan implementation tasks visually on a timeline, enjoy real-time collaboration with your team and see what everyone is working on in a single glance - all in one place.

Registering macro's in Laravel using a mixin
Rachid Laasri explains how to easily register multiple macros at once using the mixin function present on the Macroable trait.

Improving the performance of spatie/laravel-permission
Barry van Veen recently fixed an interesting performance issue at our permissions package.

A good issue
Sebastian De Deyne, package creator and JavaScript wizard at Spatie, gives some good tips on how to report an issue well.

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

Quickly inspect a return value using tap

A handy eloquent macro to compare dates

Higher order taps in Laravel

Easily submit form data using a Vue component

Useful links from the archives

A practical introduction to snapshot testing
While working a little bit on laravel-sitemap I decided to refactor the tests to make use of our own snapshot assertions package. 

Familiarity Bias is Holding You Back: It’s Time to Embrace Arrow Functions
I don't think that less lines of code automatically means code is more readable, but I'm a big fan of ES6' arrow functions. 

Moving from PHP (Laravel) to Go
Danny Van Kooten did an interesting experiment. He completely rewrote an Laravel app to a version in Go. 

Think you know the top web browsers?
Peter O'Shaughnessy, a developer advocate for Samsung, explains that your idea on which browsers are the most popular is probably wrong.

Manage permission and roles in a Laravel app
A few week ago we released a new major version of laravel-permission. 

Linux Server Families
In a new video on his awesome Servers For Hackers site Chris Fidao explains the major differences between some popular Linux flavours.

Using Guzzle 6 Middleware in a Laravel Application
Paul Redmond explains how you can use Guzzle 6' middleware to add a HMAC authorization header.

Generate markdown email themes for a Laravel application
Bobby Bouwmann, a very helpful guy, created a new free service that can generate email markdown themes for use in a Laravel application.

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