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newsletter #63

Hi, welcome to the 63th newsletter! 

Breaking Laravel's firstOrCreate using race conditions
Recently I was working on a client project where a data import was performed via queues. I stumbled upon a interesting gotcha.

Using EditorConfig
Frederick Vanbrabant recorded a new cool video, this time on EditorConfig.

Thoughts on PHP 8
On the PHP internals mailing list Zeev Suraski, a long time core contributor of PHP, started a discussion on what PHP 8 could look like.

How to compile an unreleased PHP feature
Sammy Kaye Powers, the host of the PHP Roundtable podcast, wrote a blogpost on how to compile PHP from source including unreleased RFC's. 

Lambda To The Rescue: Recursion
Toon Daeleman, developer at Engagor, explains how functional languages use recursion instead of loops.

Learn real-world Vue.js with The Vue.js Master Class (sponsored link)
Learn Vue.js by building a real-world application from scratch with Alex Kyriakidis, Vue.js core-team member and author of the bestselling book The Majesty of Vue.js

How to build a cookieless Laravel app
At Spatie we are currently building a new company website. One of the cool features is that it won't set a single cookie.

Website monitoring, without the hassle (sponsored link)
Oh Dear! is a service my buddy Mattias and I created. It is the easiest way to monitor your sites. We offer a free trial period of 10 days.

Using anonymous classes as private classes
Mark Baker, serial conference speaker and creator of the PhpSpreadsheet package shares some thoughts on how to create private classes using anonymous classes.

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

Eloquent's `is()` method

Customizing the error bag on a Laravel form request

A sneak preview of the potential performance benefits of a PHP JIT compiler

Useful links from the archives

Building a realtime dashboard powered by Laravel and Vue (2017 edition)
At Spatie we have a tv screen against the wall that displays a dashboard. Here's how it works.

Easily convert webpages to images using PHP
Browsershot is a package that can easily convert any webpage into a image or pdf.

Performant Laravel
Chris Fideo, of Servers For Hackers and Shipping Docker, published a new free video serious on optimizing performance for Laravel apps.

The broken windows theory or “Why some projects are just destined to suck”
In a new post on his blog, my favorite stalwart of the industry Frederick Vanbrabant, gives a explanation on why some projects turn into a big mess.

What is snapshot testing, and is it viable in PHP?
In a new blogpost at Sitepoint Christopher Pitt talks about snapshot testing. 

Using non-breakable spaces in test method names
Mattieu Napoli shows how you can use non breaking spaces to make long test function names more readable.

Insights into Laravel package design
On the Bugsnag blog, Graham Campbell, wrote a guest post on the basics of creating a Laravel package.

Exposing Multiple Vue Components as a Plugin
In a new post on his blog Sebastian De Deyne, JavaScript (and all-round) wizard at Spatie, describes a technique to expose Vue components as a plugin.

A programmer's cognitive load
Brent Roose wrote down his thoughts around how things like fonts, spacing, docblock, ... can influence the cognitive load of a programmer.

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